BySavanna Wilson, writer at

I believe that PTC needs to understand that all precautions have been done to ensure that the show, American Horror Story, doesn't air when underage children should be SLEEPING. Also, PTC is going overboard. Is American Horror Story FORCING people to watch their shows? Are they physically keeping people on their channel, holding them in place and peeling their eyes open to watch this show? No. Those who watch it watch it because THEY WANT TO. It is a choice, something we are supposed to have freely. I personally love American Horror Story. I don't watch it to get happy, bubbly feelings. No, I watch it because it is a HORROR SHOW. It's not supposed to be kid friendly, thus why they air it at 10PM on a Wednesday night, WITH CLEAR MATURE WARNINGS. People of PTC, you don't have to watch it, because that's your choice. But don't ruin it for those of us who actually do choose to watch it because we enjoy a really good horror show. Next thing you know PTC is going to go after True Blood because there's too much sex and blood, and yes, we are well aware there is plenty of both. But guess what, still a choice to watch or not watch.


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