ByNicole L, writer at

No I don't think the dragons should go because it fun and great to see and what dragons there are and look like . Why is it fun to see sometimes how there are with there owners and other dragons do. I think they should have a how to train your dragon 3 movie. Also to should a night fury is in the movie and know more bpout the night fury but a little bite later in the movie. Also introduce a new dragon rider name Valerie which has a night fury too which hiccup and toothless see and gets to know them an get to know eachother more and tales all the secerts. But if they do should a night fury they should show one and the the story tales on buy finding the rested out there in the world. Also that they should put that new dragon rider in is beacuse she beautiful, smart ,battles in war and has a night fury and has senerary of dragons to help and battle with them in war and train them. Also between for how to gain your dragon 2 to 3 to have those little episode form dragons defenders of Berk and rise of Berk something like that the other was called. (P.s sorry this is so long but just telling what I want to at least happen in dragons 3.)


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