ByKyle Joseph Weis, writer at

Please don't get me wrong - i love "Game of Thrones", but this movie has to be the most opposite version of "Game of Thrones" out there.

"Cinderella" (2015) is superbly made movie for a whole family (young females especially). It tells well known story, and it doesn't re-imagine it nor it's a reboot of remake of it - it is superbly made retelling of this fairy tale. This has to be one of the most "cheezee" and beautifully made movies of all time.

Set design, costumes, music is all Oscar worthy. Cienamtography is gorgeous and acting is solid for this material - there are many well known faces doing their good jobs. Pacing of this movie excellent, at running time 1 h 39 min this movie barely drags and is entertaining from start till finish.

Overall, on one hand "Cinderella" is probably the most cliché and cheeze movie ever made but one the other hand so was this fairy tale and this 2015 live version adaptation is just retelling this tale and at the same time it does so very well - it looks beautifully, it's involving and it's craftsmanship is superb.


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