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R.j. Talonflame Glenn
Board of Education has some issues with your comment and I have an issue with your entire argument. 1) There's already been a Joker in the Nolanverse. 2) Batman v Superman is the title. Not Batman 5 Superman. That's an awful title, and there's only been 3 Nolanverse Batman films. Plus, "v" has ALWAYS stood for versus when combined with someone's name. 3) There's already an Alfred in the Nolanverse and both Jeremy Irons and Ben Affleck are called Alfred and Bruce in the press releases. Jenna Malone hasn't been revealed yet because the film isn't out yet and there hasn't been a new trailer yet. There's such a thing as waiting to reveal a character, ya know. After all, Vision wasn't officially announced before Age Of Ultron besides a brief tease in a trailer, but yet he's in there. We know nothing about the film and you're grasping at straws. If we go by your logic, Aquaman could be Jason Todd because no one's said that he isn't. Or maybe Selina Kyle is Wonder Woman. 4) The Nolanverse has no references to any of the characters in the DCCU, and wasn't intended to. To connect that Batman to a world where actual magic and superpowers would make no sense considering how "realistic" the Nolanverse was. 5) That question mark was quite obviously a Riddler symbol. It had the green color and had his traditional style. 6) Bucky Barnes is the same character no matter which moniker he's taking. Whether he's The Winter Soldier, Cap, or any other name, he's still Bucky. 7) Deathstroke is already rumored to appear in Suicide Squad. Whereas Batman is already confirmed to be in there. We already know that that Batman is Ben Affleck because he's been seen. So there's no way that they could make him Deathstroke in BvS. Why would they continue a franchise without ANY of the stars from it? No Christian Bale? No Morgan Freeman? No Michael Caine? No Anne Hathaway? No Joseph Gordon-Levitt? No Cillian Murphy? They wouldn't hide that many actors and at least ONE of them would've been seen on set, or at least had it leaked out somehow. DC is NOT going to confuse every single person in the audience with some far-fetched plot that not even the most dedicated comic fan could follow. 8) Batman's killed before.

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