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When you hear the word ‘superhero’, you think of a muscular being with a kick-ass suit whose job is to punch bad guys in the face. But what you may not have thought about is the reason behind a superhero’s existence. When did he/she/it choose to become one? If you observe the past lives of some of your favorite superheroes, you’ll be amazed to see the commonness in how they all got their powers.

Almost all popular superheroes shown on screen got their superpowers because of two reasons:

  • Experiments
  • Accidents

Yup, just these two reasons. Don’t believe me? Check out the origin stories of the following superheroes.

Spiderman (Accident)

Peter Parker was bit by a unique species of spider that made him the Spidey we all love. It gave him many spider-like qualities like wall climbing, web-slinging and spider-sense.

Captain America (Experiment)

Cap was a subject of an experiment whose aim was to create a team of super-soldiers. He was injected with a super-soldier serum that resulted in him being ten times stronger than the average human being.

Hulk (Experiment)

Dr. Banner and Cap were part of the same super-soldiers experiment. He was treated with the same serum, this time with influence of Gamma radiation. This resulted in the birth of the mighty green beast.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Accident)

The turtles faced a rather fortunate accident that mutated them increasing their size and intelligence. The four turtles crawled in a strange ooze while they were babies that turned them into turtle/humanoid creatures.

Fantastic Four (Accident)

All four members of the team and their villain Dr. Doom were part of an accident that exposed them to cosmic radiation and gave them different superpowers.

Daredevil (Accident)

Everything was normal for Matt Murdock until he got in the way of an acid carrying truck. The acid permanently deprived him of his eye sight. Soon his other senses began to develop exponentially and he decided to use them for the good of his city.

Black Widow (Experiment)

The Soviet Committee for State Society recruited Natasha- an orphan at birth for the Black Widow Project. A lot of training and numerous horrifying experiments were carried out on her which made her the assassin she is now.

Deadpool (Experiment)

Wilson was subjected to various torturous experiments to prevent him from dying from cancer and in turn, make him the ultimate fighter.

Wolverine (Experiment)

Although Logan has bone claws and healing powers since child-birth, his adamantium skeleton is the result of Stryker’s experiment. Liquid adamantium was injected into his bones making him an indestructible weapon.

Vision (Experiment)

Vision came into being by the result of the Vibranium created by Dr. Helen Cho and programmed by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner using J.A.R.V.I.S. based codes.

Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver (Experiment)

Pietro and Wanda Maximoff got their powers as a consequence of the tests held by Baron Von Strucker. He used the Mind Stone to arouse unique powers in the Maximoff twins.

The Flash (Accident)

Barry Allen, a police scientist was one day doused with chemicals that were struck by lightening. Barry found that he had been endowed with super-speed and decided to use it to fight crime.

Rocket (Experiment)

Rocket is the outcome of illegal genetic and cybernetic experiments on a lower life form as described in the MCU.

Gamora (Experiment)

Gamora is surgically modified and trained as a living weapon. According to her, Thanos took over her home planet, tortured her and turned her into a weapon.

Cyborg (Experiment)

Victor Stone’s body was destroyed in a tragic accident, however parts of his body were replaced by technological machinery through experimentation. His modified body consists of high-tech gadgets and weaponry.

Luke Cage (Experiment)

Lucas was recruited for a Super-Soldier process in which he was immersed in an electrical field conducted by an organic compound chemical. Things went wrong and his treatment accelerated giving him strength and durability.

Jessica Jones (Accident)

Like Daredevil, Jessica was exposed to harmful radioactive chemicals in a road accident which led her into a coma. After regaining strength she discovered her powers like durability, super-strength and flight.

So y'see most of your favorite superheroes have a pretty similar origin story.


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