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If Daryl dies, we riot!

Screw Daryl! If Carol dies, we riot!

Glenn! Put that bat down!

Everybody has their favorite TWD person. I'm pretty partial to Maggie, but that may have something to do with Supernatural.

That means so many living characters on the show get their fair share of attention. But we're all forgetting about the REAL backbone, brains, blood and guts of the story.


There's something about quite a few of the walkers on this show that make you remember them. It could be their sneer, the way they still, however briefly, show a glimmer of humanity. Or their makeup could be done so damn good, you just pause the show and stare at them for a while. Whatever it is, I'm sure everyone can also, if asked, rattle off a few of their favorite zombies on the show.

Here are mine, in no certain order.

1. Rick's first and second

We all remember our first everything. First kiss, first car, first time making loooots of cookies. Rick will forever remember something too.

Hanna, aka The Bicycle Zombie!

She is so endearing to fans, she even has her own little story.

And of course, the stuffed bunny zombie:

2. Well zombie

This dude is something else-

Well, he was anyway. From the first time we see him in the well, to Glenn climbing in to get a rope around him, all the way to his falling apart, we can't help but think...who all drank that water? Bleah.

3. Well-dressed zombie

This savvy, stylish fellow was a heart breaker till the end. And hell, he might still be roaming Atlanta dressed all snazzy, looking for his next meal!

4. Bleeding eye zombie

Rick saw it. Most of us saw it. But poor Patrick never saw it coming:

Did you know he's the voice of Phineas on Phineas and Ferb? IKR!

5. While we're on the topic of regular or semi-regular cast members who become walkers, let's lump them all into #5.

Hershel (sad face)-



Poor Sophie-


Dr. S-

And one of our first losses ever, Amy-

6. Lori and the zombie that ate her

She should be on #5, but she's special! So many fans finally got what they were begging for, but got it quite a bit nastier than they expected...

7. Morgan's wife Jenny

Just end her, bro! Before she bites you or your man.

8. Noah's brother

We all know him as the sneakiest little zombie in Atlanta, since he was able to take Tyrese by surprise and take a bite out of his arm...twice!

9. Governor's daughter

That's one way to royally piss off a psychopath!

10. Pudding zombie

We see the walker's face earlier in the episode, but seeing his hand reaching for Carl in the Pudding on a Hot Tin Roof scene, you can't help buy wonder...was it really okay to eat that zombie's pudding?

I'm sure I missed a LOT of good zombies. And I'm sure I'm about to get reminded of a few!

Just survive somehow!


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