ByKari Glover, writer at

I for one work for an industry that provides cable and the channel does NOT come as a basic part of programming. Basic is basic which includes channels such as ABC NBC CBS FOX and your local broadcasting networks. Channels such as FX AMC TNT Disney Nickelodeon MTV are an extended of basic and you choose to purchase those as an add on. Channels such as AMC and TNT And FX have always had a little something extra adult content related after prime time. There is a reason for the ratings folks! You can even read the content of the subject matter before watching. Don't take away others freedoms and enjoyments just because you can't handle it! I myself was shocked at the premiere, however I chose to continue watching. I am not into what was being shown at all, but I like the show. Just like Facebook... If you don't like the matter that pops in your feed, keep scrolling or block the post. Look the other way. Their are ways to block. If your children are still up after that hour surfing the tv, you should maybe become more involved with what they are doing instead of fighting here. You have the capability to turn off the tv, block the channel from their tv, unplug the tv, etc. Rant over.... I didn't like the scenes, but that don't mean I want it removed from my choice to be able to watch it.


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