ByNoelle Marie Bates, writer at

It's the day!

In the popular movie trilogy, Back to the Future, Marty and Doc show up in here in the future today. That's right, today is the day that they ride the DeLorean all the way to 2015!

It was in Back to the Future II that they came to this day. The movie was shot in 1989! That's right, it's been 26 years! I remember growing up with those movies, and being excited for the day they came here, to the future.

Doc and Marty went to the future to help Marty's future son from getting imprisoned, but their presence allowes Biff to steal the DeLorean to change history by making his past self rich, and he messes up the whole thing!

You had to be there.

What do you think the movie predicted correctly?

Do you plan on "celebrating"?

I know my plans are to watch all of the movies again!

Happy Back to the Future day!


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