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Cameron Bone
...dios and those that bankroll them give a flying fig about the comics. Studios are looking for one thing and one thing only from this film: the makings of a successful franchise. An overly complicated storyline relying on multiple layers of comic lore only a select few would understand is a recipe for disaster. Batman v Superman is the jumping point for the DCCU. If it bombs, then their entire plan for individual films, at least 2 justice league films, merchandising, ultimately billions of dollars goes down the tubes. If you truly believe they would gamble all of that on the incredulously complicated premise you have suggested, you really do not understand how movies are made. A few side notes: Christopher Nolan has flat-out stated on more than one occasion that his Batman is independent of other franchises. Further, It would be to DC's benefit to tie Batman into an existing successful franchise, so if it were part of the Nolan-verse, we would have heard about it by now. Because Iron-Man 3 did it is logical fallacy at its best. Iron Man 3 made a truckload of money because it was part of a wildly successful franchise. No other reason. The overall storyline of the film was poorly received (in particular the Mandarin twist) and trying to do something similar in this film would be moronic. Slade Wilson/Deathstroke is not a franchise character. Building an entire film universe around him won't work. Period. It won't work because foreign markets have no clue who he is and don't really care. Without those markets, you don't get the billion dollar windfall.

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