ByMuhammad Khurram, writer at

A lot of elements, several of them deeply unfortunate, conspired to make the late Heath Ledger’s take on the Joker the pop culture event of 2008. Now, seven years later, not even all of that relentless, rabid fanboy hype can diminish what is undeniably an incredible performance from an incredible actor. We never learn a thing about this version of the Joker. He arrives fully formed, destroys the lives of every major character in Christopher Nolan’s Batman series, and then exits, having had a great time at the expense of an entire city. He’s a wrecking ball, spiraling through the movie and destroying everything and making it look like a grand ol’ time. Ledger’s creepy voice, awkward posture, and disturbing tics ensure that each and every one of his machinations is as memorable as possible.


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