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For the past few weeks I've seen a multitude of rumours that Marvel may be canceling the Inhumans movie, as well as scraping the Iron Fist series over at Netflix. Well I'm here today to address the former and briefly suggest a little way Marvel could solve their problem. The latter however, would require more of a leap of faith on Marvel's part.

Now if you head online you will find a plethora of information in regards to both of these titles being canceled and then another 4 pieces with information stating that they are still going ahead. So I'm not here to delve into the muddied waters that surround these two, but merely to come up with a little schedule re-arrangement that could benefit the Inhumans film at least.

These rumours began following MCU's separation from their TV department, meaning Kevin Feige would no longer have to answer to Ike Perlmutter. Which, I'm sure, was a relief for Feige as the two had clashed on numerous occasions and this move would give Feige more freedom creatively. The main basis of the rumours from what I've found all relate back to the bad blood between these two titans of industry, and because of aforementioned separation, people began to fear the worst.

Now there's not been a definitively clear answer either way of of yet and in this day and age time only leads to more rumours spreading like wildfire. But the latest word on the street comes with a relatively small glimmer of hope in a report from HitFix,

HitFix: Marvel is still moving forward with plans for an Inhumans movie, citing an "unimpeachable source" who confirms that the studio has not shelved their plans.

Although that little nugget of information isn't overly helpful either, but it does suggest there is still a spark of life left in this old dog yet.

The main problem I can see with this film is its 2018 release date that feels like a lifetime away considering that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D began to introduced these characters and their world last year. I mean, we still have 3 whole years left until we see the Inhuman royal family make their big debut.

During an interview with Badass Digest Feige explained that it was always Marvel's intention to let AOS pave the way for the introduction of the Inhumans. So far it is making for some pretty amazing viewing - but I can't help but feel it's all too much too soon. The show's creators could have easily handled Daisy's origins without diving fully into the mythology of her people so soon (the journey and discovery could've been an entire new season in and of itself).

There's only a finite amount of exploration the show can do in regard to these characters without taking too much away from the film. Things like villains, the species history and past, the royal family etc. But ever the strategist, Feige addressed these worries also,

"There have been discussions between myself and Eric Buckley and Dan Carroll, who is the conduit between Jeph Loeb and the runners, in terms of them saying, ‘We’re thinking of doing this, this and this - does that gibe with what you’re doing in the movies?’ And in some cases, like with the Avengers movies, it’s very close. We have to say, ‘This is happening, so you have to do this. In the case of The Inhumans, they’re blazing new ground. As we get down the road towards that one, we’ll see what the pieces are."

And in regards to the limits the show could face he had this to say,

"Certainly, in terms of those backstories on some of those things. Knowing the comics, you can guess the kind of things you wouldn’t see on a TV show."

Now the solution I have to this problem with syncing up the time gap and taking full advantage comes in the form of yet another rumour that had sparked off recently. The rumour that Marvel could possibly have the rights for The Fantastic Four back within their grasp. Unfortunately as we all know by now, this isn't the case.

So in true Marvel fashion I'm going basing my plan on a "What if?" type of reality. because after all, Sony denied any chance of Spider Man returning to Marvel (and I'm sure the latest FF was a bigger flop than Sony's ASM series).

What If Marvel Did Acquire The Fantastic Four?

As it stands, the second Fantastic Four film is scheduled for release by Fox on June 2nd 2017 and Marvel Studios has Inhumans slated July 12th 2019. This leaves an incredible time gap for AOS to carry on their current Inhuman narrative. Which if you ask me, is far to long to keep the impressive momentum going.

But Imagine if you will, a world where in just a few months Marvel and Fox strike a deal regarding our foursome (let's face it, after 4 failed attempts something has to change). Marvel Studios would then have some creative control and say over what happens in regards to the FF and how to save the franchise, but more importantly they'd have control over that rapidly approaching release date for the failed FF's sequel.

Agents of Shield is already doing an incredible job of bringing this slice of the Marvel Universe to our screens and is now turning into a raging juggernaut in its own right. This momentum has already been built and it's this plotline that has pulled me back into watching the show. I fell out of love with it after it's first season didn't really grip me, but as soon as the cheese factor began to leave the show, the real tension began to come to the surface.

My suggestion once a deal has been stuck would be nothing more than a simple schedule shift. I would advise that they simply shift the places of the two films, this in turn would give everyone some breathing room with the FF and give everyone involved ample time to truly apply their efforts to saving Marvel's first family and creating a film for these characters that they truly deserve. This act would also allow the Inhumans larger cast of characters to hit the big screen just as AOS begin to run out of steam with the limitations they have with these characters.

This would leave less of a time gap for the casual viewers to lose interest or become bored of the Inhuman story in general. All Marvel would need to do is create a brilliant script and start gathering their stars for the big roles, Vin Diesel has already stated his interest in bringing Black Bolt to life under the condition that Marvel Studios has a solid script for him to read (so that already one leading role covered). And who wouldn't love to see the voice of Groot get a leading role visually and not just for his tremendous voice work.

Adam McKay has expressed interest more than once in writing/directing an Inhumans movie, and since he was very close to signing on for Ant-Man, it seems like Marvel would be interested in getting him for something (anything) else in the near future. This would also cover another 2 aspects of the film having someone so keen to both write and direct the film.

There's even a clear way they can tie this film into the rest of the MCU without having to go over ground that has already been covered on AOS. This starting point would provide good building blocks to begin basing a plot around that involves the royal family and tie directly into the finale of Age Of Ultron itself, this part of my theory stretches all the way back to one of my earlier articles on MoviePilot (which you can find here).

I wrote an article previously, after watching AOU, that involves everyone's favourite speedster, Quicksilver (favourite from Marvel at least). I had a few ideas on how they could bring Quicksilver back from the dead, most of which revolved around using his connection to the Inhumans from the comic books. But this idea could also be a strong plot point for an Inhuman film and would provide a basic idea for everyone to start on. It would, in turn save valuable time trying to think of even more plausible ways to connect them to the larger body of work within the MCU. It would also be an extremely enjoyable pay off for fans who thought it was such a huge waste of a potentially amazing character.

This plot would also allow the Inhumans to become connected to The Avengers via their newest recruit, The Scarlet Witch.

Now this is all a long shot and Marvel and Fox may never find common ground to make such a deal. Which in the long run will only hurt the popularity of the FF if the films continue to do so poorly. It would also be a brilliant move to explore the more mystical and magical side of the universe outside of Doctor Strange and I know I'd be extremely happy to see the MCU version of Quicksilver pulling off something as visually creative as Fox's Quicksilver in X-men Days Of Future Past.

But again this is all mainly a huge theory of mine sprinkled with wishful thinking. But hey, if enough people read this and agree, maybe we can pass it around until the folks over at Marvel and Fox see it and takes some pointers. I've pretty much done all the leg work for them, so I'll be expecting my name on the credits at the end of the film or maybe a post credit scene of me just sat there clapping saying "There you go people!".

But I hope you've all enjoyed reading my plans to save the Inhumans and sound off with your own ideas because I'd love to know everyone's thoughts on the subject, or even your thought's on the whole "will they, won't they" debate regarding the future of this film (Because at the moment it's getting more tedious than Ross and Rachel's on again off again romance from Friends).


Do you think this could solve Marvel's Inhuman error?


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