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Mark Zuckerberg just found himself on the receiving end of some Jedi-like wit shot from the sharp tongues (or fingers?) running the official Star Wars Facebook page.

The father of social media was understandably wowed by the latest trailer for The Force Awakens, which, in case you're the last person on the internet who hasn't yet seen it, you can watch below:

Incredible, right? That's what Zuckerberg thought too, leaving a doting comment that read "This looks amazing. I love Star Wars." Odd, as I thought Zuckerberg was more of a 'like' kind of guy.

But it was the reply to the comment that grabbed everyone's attention. Check it out below:

Hardcore fans will recognize the retort, taken from the iconic scene in The Empire Strikes Back:

Kudos to whoever's running the page -- they certainly know their Star Wars!

The trailer, which dropped on Monday night, certainly made an impression on social media. In its first hour online it inspired more than 390,000 tweets and 2.1 million interactions on Facebook.

Among the trailer's 40 million + viewers on Youtube were cast members John Boyega and Daisy Ridley, who posted their adorable reactions online:

December 18 can't come soon enough!

[Source: Facebook]


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