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Back to the Future was the science fiction phenomenon of 1985, an instant classic starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd as Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown, respectively.

When it comes to talking about sci-fi favorites, Back to the Future has a place alongside Star Wars in that it's a unique and instantly recognizable brand.

Quotes from the iconic movie still play a part in modern films and sitcoms, immediately recognizable amid a modern society 30 years in the future.

So in its own way Back to the Future really has made it to the future, having cemented itself into a popular culture which still exists today.

Back to the Future has proven itself to be a timeless classic and led to two sequels; in Back to the Future Part II they traveled forward to today, October 21, 2015. So what did they get right, and is the future just as they predicted?

So, what did Back to the Future get right?

Welcome to the future! It may have taken us longer to get there than Marty and Doc Brown, but we made it. So what did they get right about the year 2015? Do we have hover-boards and crowded "skyways"? Let's have a quick run-through what they predicted vs reality.

1. Hoverboards

What would the future be without hoverboards? Seriously, of course we have hoverboards! Okay, they only kind of exist...the tech is around, but we aren't hoverboarding to work yet. Check out the video below to see the real-life hoverboard in action. We aren't exactly up to what Marty McFly was hoping for, but we're well on our way.

2. The Skyway

"The skyway's jammed, it'll take forever to get there!"

So we don't have real hoverboards yet, but at least we can all take the skyway to work! What, really, no skyway? Okay, so we don't have the skyway, but we definitely have the traffic; the roads are always jammed! Credit to the Back to the Future sequel for predicting that one.

3. Trash-powered vehicles

Now this one we do have! No, I'm serious this time. Bristol and Bath in the UK have recently started running busses on recycled food and sewage, and we're well on our way to creating biofuel from waste. Okay, so it doesn't go directly into the tank, but it's close!

4. Paying with a fingerprint

I've never payed with a cab with a fingerprint, but cashless payments are absolutely vital in todays world. Yes, we generally use credit cards and online banking, but that isn't too far removed from using a fingerprint. Fingerprint technology definitely exists, it just hasn't become the norm. Ireland is even making leaps towards an entirely cashless society!

5. Barcode licence plates

It might sound like complete fiction, but barcode licence plates aren't as surreal as they seem. According to ',' after having been tested for 6 months in Germany, plans are ready to implement the new technology in the UK this December. One scan of the barcode supposedly reveals information such as details on the car, your mothers maiden name, your bank pin and browser history...wait, what?

6. Here's a two for one: Sequels and 3D.

We haven't exactly reached Jaws 19 yet, but the overt suggestion in the second Back to the Future is that sequels will become the norm in cinema, and that 3D cinema will finally take off. Both of those facts have certainly become a reality, although admittedly there is no HOLOMAX...yet.

7. Video calling

Back to the Future Part II definitely predicted this one. Video conferencing has become a huge part of daily life, from catching up with family to having Skype interviews. They did seem to overestimate the importance of fax machines in the modern world and I don't know what's up with Marty's duel-ties, but they definitely saw video calling on the horizon.

8. Self-lacing sneakers

It's hard to say if the technology was inspired by the movie or if self-lacing sneakers were an inevitability in an increasingly tech-centered society, but they're now a reality. 'Nicekicks' reports that Nike have officially invented the self-lacing sneaker. The future is here!

9. Dehydrated food

Back to the Future Part II predicted that by the year 2015 we'd be eating rehydrated pizza. We haven't gone that far yet, but we have plenty of dehydrated food: pasta, rice, coffee, etc; so we can call that one a partial win for BTTF2 predictions.

10. The Cubs winning the World Series

Okay, the Cubs didn't win the World Series, but they came close! Just a few years ago this seemed nonsensical, but with the Cubs coming so close to a win, we were pretty close to a hell of a Back to the Future prediction!

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