ByTwisham Singh, writer at

The latest installment to the Bond franchise is the awaited Scepter. The movie stars Daniel Craig as James Bond for the fourth time. Not much is revealed about the film in it's action packed trailers. But the main question is will it be better than sky fall?

Sky fall was critical acclaimed and a box office success. It showed the more humane and relatable side of agent 007. The film was the "Dark Knight" of the James Bond franchise. The highlights of the film included- 1. Super cool action sequences, specifically the scene where Bond jumps into a train compartment and fixes his shirt. 2. The film had an awesome villain played by Javier Bardem. 3. Extremely well plotted script.

On the other hand Spcetre's official trailers reveal insane stunts. Good dialogs and exotic locations. Few hardcore bond fans complained that Sky fall was not at all worth calling a Bond movie due to lack of fast paced script, cheesy dialogs, intimate scenes and unrealistic stunts. Sky fall rather showed the audiences the more darker, realistic and humane side of 007.

It's expected that Spectre will be typical Bond movie with a slight touch of Sky fall in it.

Whatever it may be we all are quite excited to see how Spectre does. After all it a "Bond...James Bond" flick.


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