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Scarlett Johansson is one of Hollywood's hottest stars, having risen to fame mostly on the merit of her classic-movie-style beauty and commanding screen presence. In recent years Johansson's acting abilities have gone from strength to strength, as she proved in films such as Under The Skin and The Avengers that she's capable of portraying a compelling depth of character.

2016 seems set to be Scarlett Johansson's best year yet, as she reprises the role of Black Widow that shot her to the heights of geek fame. The Coen Brothers' [Hail, Caesar!](tag:1199743) also features Johansson in a leading role that will no doubt give her the chance to both emulate and parody classic movie stars. But she might just face her biggest challenge yet, if her pseudo-stalker's book (featuring ScarJo as the main character... kinda) gets a Hollywood adaptation.

Hail Scarlett!

The Coen Brothers' next flick, Hail Caesar!, is already getting people excited. Billed as a glossy dark comedy, the film is set in Hollywood's Golden Age, and there's already a fantastic trailer: put together so well with perfectly matched music and a tantalising glimpse at the storyline, the trailer almost feels like a movie within itself. Check it out!

Johansson herself features prominently, flashing a toothy grin to the camera as her on-screen persona, then revealing an edgier side to her character as Josh Brolin's Eddie Mannix enlists her help to find his missing movie star.

It seems as though Scarlett Johansson will get the chance to wow audiences again with her comic timing, and giving her some variation as lately she's leaned mostly towards darker and action roles. Here's hoping Johansson's as yet unnamed role will play a big part in Hail Caesar!, as this film could well catapult her career to new heights. But that's not the only film Johansson has coming out in 2016: Captain America Civil War also premieres next year, which ensures that Black Widow will once again prove her worth in the Marvel universe...

The Lynch Pin Of Civil War

One of Scarlett Johansson's most iconic roles is surely that of Natasha Romanoff, the KGB spy turned superhero.

Black Widow in Age Of Ultron
Black Widow in Age Of Ultron

Each appearance in the Marvel movies has developed Black Widow's character, and Scarlett Johansson has clearly had a big impact on Natasha's characterisation. The Avengers saw Black Widow have a much larger role than she ever had before, and her appearance in [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](tag:254973) gave more nuance to the character.

"When I first joined SHIELD, I thought it was going straight. But I guess I just traded in the KGB for HYDRA. I thought I knew whose lies I was telling, but... I guess I can't tell the difference anymore."

Natasha played a crucial role in the story of Captain America 2, so there's no doubt she'll continue to be a key part of Civil War. And with her allegiance apparently aligned with Tony Stark instead of Steve Rogers (surprising many fans who enjoyed the development of her friendship with Steve), it's possible that Black Widow may ultimately reunite the fractured team.

So far so good: 2016 is clearly going to be a big year for Johansson, with two films showcasing her impressive talent. And let's not forget The Jungle Book, where Johansson will voice the snake Kaa (after her excellent voice work in Her, it's no wonder why Disney gave her the iconic role). But will ScarJo face her biggest challenge in playing... herself?

Homage Or Just Plain Creepy?

Scarlett Johansson has been no stranger to controversy lately: she quit Oxfam, faced whitewashing accusations for her Ghost In The Shell casting, and most recently, she tried to ban a book. To be fair, Johansson's case against Grégoire Delacourt is pretty understandable, as the author made some serious allegations about Johansson's private life in the book, as well as profiting from her identity.

ScarJo sues for defamation
ScarJo sues for defamation

On the surface the book doesn't have a bad concept: down-on-his-luck average Joe meets Scarlett Johansson lookalike who is swept up in an existential crises over the fact that she has no identity of her own. So far so good, but according to early reviews, Delacourt fails to give any depth to the premise, instead falling back on tired manic pixie dream girl tropes and throwing in juicy details about Johansson's personal life to spice up the story.

All in all it really does seem like a poorly veiled ploy for a Hollywood movie adaptation, with ScarJo herself playing the lead. And Johansson wasn't having any of that: she sued for defamation but got a measly $6000 in damages, and failed to get the book banned. Considering Johansson's attachment to the book, and the media attention this has given Delacourt, the actress' actions may well have been counterproductive in the worst way. It would be surprising if no movie studio started sniffing around for the rights, and Johansson might face this horrible choice: boycott the movie and refuse to be involved in it but risk someone else portraying her lookalike, or play the character herself and get far more money from the film than she ever did from suing Delacourt. But if the book really isn't that great, maybe it'll just disappear from the public eye soon after the English translation is published. Which would no doubt please Scarlett Johansson.

Could 2016 be the year Scarlett Johanson plays her own lookalike? And are you looking forward to Hail Caesar and Civil War? Let us know in the comments!

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