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The faces behind our favorite memes all had to come from somewhere and below is a gallery of the ordinary people who were lucky/unlucky to lend their mugs to memedom.

First World Problems

Name: Silvia Bottini

What do we know about her? Hailing from Varese in Italy, Silvia is a model and actress who graduated from the Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in Los Angeles. She works on both theater plays and TV commercials along with hosting public speaking classes. She has never spoken out about her online fame, but plenty of people have reportedly attempted to notify her.

Sample meme:

2. Good Guy Greg

Name: Unknown

What do we know about him? Hardly anything, unfortunately. Good Guy Greg is rumored to be a commercial fisherman who a Redditor crewed alongside, but a lot of people disagree with the theory on the thread.

Sample meme:

Overly Attached Girlfriend

Name: Laina Morris

What do we know about her? The now infamous 'overly attached girlfriend' meme was nabbed from a Youtube video of Laina singing Justin Bieber's 'Baby,' but surprisingly that wasn't enough to put her off the channel for life!

Walker is still active on Youtube and she regularly uploads funny videos that you can check out HERE. I recommend the ones that involve her dad haplessly wincing at Youtube comments.

Sample meme:

Scumbag Steve

Name: Blake Boston

What do we know about him? Blake Boston was making regrettable fashion choices like any other 16-year-old when he was snapped by his mom who unknowingly created a monster of a meme. As the tilt of the hat and the hard man look in his eyes might suggest, Blake admits he thought he was 'all that' when the photo was taken, and he didn't react well when he discovered the meme.

Infuriated that his image was being used to represent 'that guy' (you know, the one who used to do donuts in his souped up Honda Civic in the school parking lot before he got expelled), Blake reacted in the worst way possible: by getting angry. Soon his own enraged words were appearing on his image to generate yet more memes.

Blake admitted that the meme upset him because it's message about him was too close to the bone, but he has utilized his 5 minutes of fame to make a brand of sorts and is currently working on a music career as his Scumbag alter ego. Check out Youtube channel HERE.

Sample meme:

Success Kid

Name: Sam Grimer

What do we know about him? The triumphant snap of Grimer has been celebrating unsullied white shirts during spaghetti dinners and arriving at work late...but not as late as your boss, for years now. Earlier this year Sam and his family asked for something in return for all the smiles his image has given us.

A now 8-year-old Sam and his family launched a Go Fund Me to pay for kidney transplant surgery for his father, and they were karmically awarded for the much-loved meme when they raised $100,000 to perform the live saving operation. The feels!

Sample meme:


Name: Maggie Goldenberger

What do we know about her? My esteemed colleague Tommy has written a whole article about ERMAHGERD that will give you Gersberms! Read it HERE.

Sample meme:

Bad Luck Brian

Name: Kyle Craven

What do we know about him? Bad Luck Brian was born when one of Kyle's friends uploaded the now infamous photo to Reddit as a meme.

Craven told the Washington Post that the 7th grade year book photo was always intended to be funny and that he was a class clown at school who bought a novelty jumper and rubbed his face until it was as red as possible before it was taken. His joke annoyed his principal so much that she made Craven retake the picture, but the original somehow survived.

After being accelerated to internet stardom and experiencing surreal situations such as seeing his own face on a T-shirt at Walmart, Kyle claims to have earned around $20,000 off the meme and he runs his own Facebook page dedicated to it. Check it out HERE.

Sample meme:

Sudden Clarity Clarence

Name: Unknown

What do we know about him: Basically nothing, but apparently the image above is our favorite raver philosopher.

Sample meme:

Skeptical Baby

Name: Mason

What do we know about him? We don't know much about this little chap beyond his name, but the photo was taken at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, North Carolina, by Jarod Knoten and spread to all corners of the internet after being submitted to Reddit.

Sample meme:

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

Name: Zeddie Little

What do we know about him? 25-year-old Zeddie Little was running a 10K race in Charleston, South Carolina when a photographer snapped a picture of his ridiculously photogenic visage. Everyone was stunned by how resplendent he looked while exerting himself, so much so that he even did an interview on GMA!

Sample meme:

(Source: Huffington Post an Can You Actually)


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