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As anyone who is the proud owner of a vagina already knows, the internet can't get enough of begging you to suck it's dick and then threatening to kill you when you refuse, but not many of us have the foresight to save every creepy message we have ever received in order to stare the problem of internet perverts straight in the giant, grotesque, drooling face.

Thankfully for us, a Los Angeles violinist named Mia Matsumiya has been saving the poetic words of mouth-breathing pervs for ten years now and has unintentionally given us stark look at what online sexual harassment can look like. If a normal girl receives this many, imagine what celebs have to deal with on the daily?

While Matsumiya initially started saving the messages because she found them amusing (this girl has a wicked sense of humor as the captions on her Instagram will prove), she admits that seeing them in bulk has changed her perspective on people, specifically men. When asked if the messages have altered her life she explained:

"Fuck yes, it does. I'm terrified and suspicious of men! I try to be positive though, despite all the gross, scary encounters and crossed lines. All the dudes in my life are wonderful people."

Matsumiya went on to say that she doesn't think you get more weird messages on dating site and that Facebook (check your others inbox if you dare...), Myspace and Instagram are just as thick with unwanted advances, she told Newsworthy that:

"Everywhere, both online and offline, is brimming with perverts, from what I've experienced! It doesn't matter where you are, those weirdos will find you. I've walked down the street fully covered, and looking not unlike a frazzled meth addict, and STILL been a target for unwanted sexual advances. Pretty much every woman has experienced this phenomenon."

Below are some of the posts Matsumiya has made on her Instagram account, perv_magnet, so you can get a demoralizing peek into the sort of harassment she's talking about.

Needless to say, her campaign to highlight how unacceptable it is that people feel entitled to harass women like this online, isn't being well received by everyone, such as the cool dude below who suggested Matsumiya's future children would be tiny perverts:

And the weirdos who have drawn the baffling conclusion that this project was set up because Mia is a narcissist who wants to showcase all of the "flattering" comments she has received. In response to all those people, Matsumiya has the following answer:

"I think it's ridiculous to suggest that I'm trying to show off about how many "compliments" I get.

These are NOT compliments. These are degrading and dehumanizing messages! I'm sure the people who think these are compliments are the same exact people who are sending the messages.

I'd like the messages themselves to be the focus of attention, not myself. I honestly believe that as a collection, they're really powerful and cause the reader to ask, "Who in the world is sending these messages and why? How can it be fixed?" I don't actually know what the answer to that question is - I have some hints - but I feel like the first step is definitely to shed light on it."

(Source: Newsworthy)


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