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Brad and Angelina's daughter has asked to be called John since the age of 2 and likes to dress in masculine clothing. We think it is more respectful to use the name John from now on, as well as the gender-neutral pronoun 'they,' until it is confirmed which pronouns John wishes people to use.

Kids can be a handful. Fact. You never quite know when one of them is going to creep up on you while you nap and fire you with their slingshot. Just ask Brad Pitt.

In a new featurette for their parents' new movie, By The Sea, John proved to be a real prankster. They fired the slingshot at their hard-working dad who was taking a well-deserved nap on set. John's good work did the trick and woke up 51-year-old Brad, who yelled, "Damn it!" at the mischievous 9-year-old.

John is the spitting image of their parents.
John is the spitting image of their parents.

Despite the antics that happen behind the scenes of their new movie, Brad and Angelina report that they are having a lot of fun on set. Angelina wrote the script herself which allowed the couple to take a more experimental approach, according to Pitt. Angelina also discussed the creative process of the project in the featurette, stating:

"When I was writing [the script], I never assumed we'd actually do it, so I wrote with a certain kind of freedom"

With a great family life and a strong professional career, it sounds like the Jolie-Pitt family are going strong. Props to them.

Watch the featurette for By The Sea below.

And the official trailer for the movie!


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