ByPatrick Picard, writer at

With Disney releasing all these sequels to movies and Marvel movies. Which movie will get the most hype?

Most people probably would go with Star Wars the Force Awakens(2015) or Marvel's Civil War(2016). But there are some other movie that could be in the running, like Black Panther (2017), Finding Dory (2016), and Toy Story 4 (2017).

With Black Panther, you the superhero that involved in the comics very much, but hasn't been even close to mentioned yet in the Marvel universe. I personally love the Black Panther mainly because of his suit. See his suit is made of the same element as Captain America's shield, vibranium, so basically while black panther has his suit on he is unstoppable.

This was the first image released by Marvel of Panther's suit.

Next, Finding Dory(2016). Personally I don't get why Disney is making a Finding Nemo sequel, but my opinion doesn't matter. The hype for this one comes from the heart because come on, if you never loved Nemo at any time in you life, you have no soul. That's all I have on that.

Finally Toy Story 4 (2017). This is another one that the hype comes from the heart. Also another that I don't get why another movie is being added on to the series.

So you have is, three movies that I think could have the hype of Star Wars and Civil War.


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