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"Expensive" Marvel

When Disney announced they're acquiring Marvel Entertainment for $4B in 2009, analysts and investors were not so enthusiastic about the acquisition price.

Back then, Marvel only had two successful movies under their belt:
Mega Blockbuster "Iron Man" & Minor hit "The Incredible Hulk".

6 years and 2 "Avengers" movies later, it's obvious that the Marvel acquisition is arguably one of Disney's smartest business decisions in company history.

The Marvel Redemption

In 2012, the vision Disney had in mind when they bought Marvel came to life with the release of the first Avengers movie.

The on-screen collaboration of Iron Man, The Hulk & Co. didn't disappoint, became a huge box office success, and launched the Disney brand forward into another stratosphere.

You would think that Disney and it's stock owners would be absolutely pleased with their yearly performance following The Avengers success, right?
A little movie called John Carter, which came out a couple of months earlier, has put a dent in their success.

John Carter turned out to be a huge pile of crap.
It bombed badly at the box-office, and Disney suffered a $200M write-down!

It was a turbulent year for Disney and it's CEO Robert Iger.
On one hand, a record breaking box-office hit - The Avengers.
On the other hand, a huge, colossal bomb - John Carter.

Bob Iger had to find a way to navigate his company through the losses while continuing building the most powerful entertainment brand in the world.
Oh, boy did he find a way to do it.

Bob iger and George Lucas sign Disney acquisition
Bob iger and George Lucas sign Disney acquisition

Don't Worry Jar Jar Binks Will Not Make A Comeback

At the end of 2012, Disney announced they are acquiring Lucasfilm with plans to release a new Star Wars film in 2015!
And the internet broke like Kim Kardashian only dreamt it would.

This time, it wasn't the investors and analysts who complained about the acquisition.
Fanboys worldwide were not afraid to express their fear and disappointment with the fact that their beloved series is now being handled by the same studio that made 'High-School Musical'.

3 years after the announcement, and after the entire world tuned in to watch the new full trailer for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens', we can say one thing...

Disney Kicks Ass!

Disney silenced all their critics, and managed to become probably the most powerful brand in the entertainment world.

Oh, and let's not forget they also own Pixar already announced a new Toy Story movie.

I am so happy I own a bunch of Disney stocks :)


How Did You Respond When Disney Announced Buying Marvel/Lucasfilm?


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