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As we all move on to what is likely our collective 500th viewing of the trailer for [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158), it's worth looking back at the frenzied numbers that fans generated through all sorts of media and ticket sales, even before the trailer aired. It was hard to exist without the mention of the seventh installment to the Star Wars saga, and despite any trolling or other assorted nonsense leading up to the release, the entire night was a huge success. Here are a few snapshots of the numbers as they stand now:

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, IMAX CEO Greg Foster said the movie’s sales success is unprecedented:

The only words to describe the first day of Imax worldwide advance ticket sales for Star Wars: The Force Awakens are ‘record-shattering.' We’re seeing sell-outs across the board – from Hollywood to London, to Sparks, Nevada, and everywhere in between.

As of publishing time on October 21st, the full-length trailer for the film has smashed through 30 million recorded views on YouTube. While Furious 7Furious 7still holds the record for most trailer views within the first 48 hours on Facebook, The Force Awakens blew the Vin Diesel thriller out of the water on YouTube, where Furious 7 originally took in 18.2 million views within its first two days.

MovieTickets, Fandango, Alamo Drafthouse, and several other movie ticketing sites saw multiple crashes as soon as ticket pre-sales went live two hours before their rumored opening time.

A few theaters and ticket sellers have reported their sales increases for The Force Awakens in comparison to their assorted previous record holders, and across the board, it seems as though everyone's favorite space opera saga is leading the charge again.

Fandango reports that The Force Awakens has sold eight times more tickets than the first-day pre-sales of The Hunger Games in 2012. Speaking of the series, The Force Awakens beat out [The Hunger Games: Catching Fire](tag:303520), The Avengers, and The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX pre-sales, making over 6 times as much as each film's respective $1 million on pre-sale opening weekend.

When the trailer first premiered at 10:10 PM EST, fans were already working up to record numbers of chatter on social media. At its peak, the buzz generated 17,000 tweets per minute surrounding the new trailer. Overall, it generated 390k tweets within three hours of the trailer's premiere.

Have you gotten your tickets yet? Due to the demand, theaters are rushing to add more showtimes on December 17th and 18th everywhere. So check your local theater listings, and may the Force be with you, always!


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