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Now, it's not really like the nice, law-abiding cultural treasure of Back to the Future II's stature to hide things from us. After all, it's spent much of the past 26 years being wildly entertaining and potentially prophetic, so why would it choose to keep any secrets from us? Honestly, if you can't trust your devoted fan base, then who can you put your faith in?

As it turns out, though—on this, the most holy of all time travel-related holidays, Back to the Future Day—the legendary movie has been keeping a whole lot of behind-the-scenes awesomeness from us. And so, as we await the arrival of Marty McFly at any moment, as was foretold, let's take a look at...

15 Intriguing Secrets from Back to the Future II

First up?

15. You Think You're Mad Hoverboards Don't Exist?

Back to the Future II's director Robert Zemeckis famously caused a miniature panic when he joked that hoverboards used in the movie were real but were being kept off the market by consumer groups. Which, inevitably, caused fans to try to buy them from unsuspecting stores...

14. Michael J. Fox Had Trouble With Them Too

Fox, it turned out, had forgotten how to skateboard in the five years since the original Back to the Future was made, and had to re-learn the skill. Which, it seems, suggests it really isn't like riding a bike.

13. That Wouldn't Have Been a Problem If It Weren't for Roger Rabbit

Production of the movie, y'see, was delayed for three years by Robert Zemeckis' work on Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Which, what with it being fantastic and all, was probably worth it.

12. Crispin Glover Was Paid $765,000 For Not Appearing in the Movie

Or rather, Glover—who had played Marty's dad George in the original movie—sued the filmmakers when his likeness was used without his permission after he opted not to appear in the movie. They settled for a cool six figure sum.

11. Elijah Wood Made His Movie Debut in the Future Diner

At which point he was, in fact, legitimately hobbit sized.

10. BTTF2 Totally Told Us the Plot of BTTF3 in Shirt Form

Now, Doc Brown's sequel-teasing train-covered shirt might have been more impressive had the two films not been shot back-to-back, sure, but even so...

9. Lea Thompson Was the Only Person Wearing Her Original Costume During the Under the Sea Ball Repeat

While the vast majority of the original outfits had been lost by the time the sequel rolled around, Thompson had taken hers home with her, so was able to rock out in her original frock. By all accounts she still has it...

8. Donald Trump (Kind of) Had a Cameo

Biff Tannen's dastardly future self was reportedly based on the tycoon.

7. There Was Never Actually Supposed to BE a BTTF2

Despite the ending of the original movie seeming to open up the possibility of a sequel, Robert Zemeckis and producer Steven Spielberg never intended to make a sequel, with the open ending being designed as simply a gag.

6. The Sets Cost a Whole Lot of Money

While building the Hill Valley set for Back to the Future's 1955 scenes, and then aging it for its 1985 ones cost a whole lot of money, it turned out to be even more expensive to restore the 'aged' set to its 1955 state when the sequel called for it.

5. The Movie Got a Whole Lot Right

Including Skype-style video calling, voice recognition, flat-screen TVs and thumb print scanning. That being said...

4. The Movie Also Inaccurately Predicted a Lot of Stuff

And, while that infamous USA Today may not have quite gotten everything right - we did at least get to see Jaws 19 (in trailer form)...

Speaking of which...

3. If Hillary Clinton Wins Next Year, BTTF2 Totally Called It

Or, at least, that cover references a female president, suggesting—presumably— that the sages behind the movie didn't foresee Barack Obama winning the Democratic Nomination back in 2008. Or, y'know, they just had more faith in future gender equality than we were actually able to live up to.


2. The Movie (Inaccurately) Predicted Something Pretty Tragic in Retrospect

Specifically, Queen Diana, which the death of Diana, Princess of Wales back in 1997 (as well as her prior divorce from Prince Charles) very much precluded the possibility of. Which is a huge downer, so let's move swiftly on to...the Chicago Cubs.

No, wait...

1. The Movie's Legendary Cubs Prediction is Already Horribly Inaccurate

Now, there's still a chance that the Chicago Cubs could actually make, and subsequently win, the World Series, seeing as at the time of writing they're only (only) 3-1 down against the New York Mets in the championship series that would get them there. That being said, they're a whole lot more likely to lose that series tonight than they are to win the whole darned thing, as Back to the Future II predicted.

Plus, even if they do manage to make it to the World Series, it won't be against Miami, as Back to the Future II predicted, seeing as it's the Kansas City Royals and Toronto Blue Jays who're currently competing to get there. Plus, of course, the Miami Marlins play in the same division as the Cubs, so the two playing in the World Series is technically impossible. Though, seeing as Miami didn't even exist as a team back when the movie was made, maybe we should give the movie a little credit for at least predicting their existence...

What do you reckon?

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