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Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd were the stars of the iconic '80s science fiction movie, Back to the Future. With October 21, 2015 fast approaching the pair were brought together for this promotional Toyota video, in which they discuss the things from Back to the Future which have come true.

In the video they are introduced to an engineer -- a huge fan who promotes a new form of technology predicted in Back to the Future II. Those familiar with the movie will know that loads of technology appears in the episode, some of which has in fact become a reality. In this case, it's turning waste into fuel, which is no longer science fiction.

The video breakdown

After an introduction from the engineer, Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox are seen talking about the technology which Back to the Future successfully predicted. They mention 3D movies, fingerprint technology and self-tying sneakers.

They even include a little dark humor, subtly referencing Michael's Parkinson's disease when he says he's been waiting for self-tying sneakers. It's good to see the traditional Michael J. Fox sense of humor shining through as the pair share a few jokes.

There's some pretty good chemistry between the old colleagues, with Michael teasing Lloyd for still owning a fax machine, which Back to the Future predicted would still be around in 2015. I guess they were right!

The pair are joined by the engineer and a few Back to the Future references are made: "So you're like a real Doc Brown?" It's fantastic to see Lloyd and Michael back together. The nostalgia is pretty intense!

Despite the slightly scripted feeling, it's clear the pair are in the presence of a real fan, who seems genuinely star-struck in the presence of the Back to the Future stars.

The video starts getting very scripted, but it's worth it. The Back to the Future references become regular and welcome, with the pair being shown a scale model that will look very familiar to any B.T.T.F. fan, alongside a variety of quotes.

Listen carefully and you'll easily identify non-diegetic sounds commonly heard in the movie, which gives the whole experience an emphatic Back to the Future feel.

The short suddenly gets a lot more technical, as it explains how they have managed to derive fuel from waste by extracting the gas and combining it with natural gas, in order to process it into hydrogen and create biofuel.

But don't worry, Doc Brown and Marty are present throughout the whole dramatic presentation. Doc Brown even takes on Marty's role, stating, "Are you telling me this sucker's nuclear?" It seems it's electrical -- but it's a nice nostalgic reminder of the moment in Back to the Future.

They then recreate an iconic science fiction moment; the unforgettable first sight of the DeLorean, replaced with the hydrogen-fueled Toyota Mirai, which they then take a drive in as they attempt to get it up to 88 miles per hour.

The whole promotional video is a nostalgic piece which introduces the ego car in a brilliant way. And with quotes like, "You bet your ass it works!" It's definitely worth a look.

I've included the video below. Have a look and let us know what you think.


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