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Special hat-tip to Cracked for putting together a list of some of the most memorable and horrifying true stories behind the scenes of huge movies, in the form of meme-like descriptions.

These are all noteworthy (there are 24 in total), but I grabbed the 11 best for you to see. Check out the full list at

1. Bruce Willis got his ear drums all kinds of messed up in Die Hard

2. Channing Tatum's private region took some heat on the set of The Eagle

3. George Clooney had a gnarly injury during Syriana

4. When keeping it real goes wrong

5. Don't try to tell this stuntwoman that Back to the Future Part II didn't have any good action

6. Bad trip(s) on the set of 'Titanic'

7. Jason Statham's near-death experience

8. Winter is coming... which means Christmas... which reminds me of this Grinch incident...

9. Isla Fisher was actually drowning in this scene from Now You See Me!

10. That eye-scene was actually real from A Clockwork Orange

11. This one by user mkad won as their "best"

(Via: Cracked)


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