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Gotham is my favorite comic book based series, now don't get me wrong Arrow, The Flash & Daredevil are all incredible ventures into the comics but Gotham has done something that no other series has been able to do: Build a show about a hero's origin without actually including that hero.

We all know the hero of Gotham is Batman, and as we are moving into Season 2 we haven't seen him - and he's nowhere near being on display seeing as Gotham has been flourishing, thriving even, with its focus on the villains of Batman lore. Gotham has given us more than just an origin story for Bruce Wayne, we've been given origin stories for so many titular villains: The Penguin, The Riddler, Hugo Strange, The Scarecrow, Two-Face and Firefly among many others.

With such a focus on the villainy, it's been a question for a while as to when there may be an actual hero entering the world of Gotham, because we all know that Jim Gordon can't save the city himself. Yet after last nights episode "Scarification" we may soon see the introduction of one of the more badass vigilantes joining the fray. So if you haven't seen the latest episode of Gotham, please turn back before you read the spoilers.

This is your warning—the spoilers are coming

Last night, we discover some background on the seasons main antagonist Theo Galavan. Theo enters Gotham as a proverbial son returning, a billionaire industrialist with goals to "save" Gotham although he caries with him deep, dark secrets and devious intentions.

In 'Scarification' we discover where Theo Galavan's lineage lies; as a descendant of the Dumas family. The Dumas family was stripped of its prominence 200 hundred years ago after an incident with the Wayne family. If the Dumas family rings a bell, then you can probably imagine who will be introduced this season. This guy. Azrael.

John Stephens, executive producer, mentioned in an interview with that the exploration of the Order of St. Dumas will surely see an introduction of the hero known as Azrael:

We will be going deeper into the Order of St. Dumas over the next run of episodes, and it will continue to play an evolving role for the rest of the season. And yes, we wouldn't be telling an Order of St. Dumas story without also intending to tell an Azrael story. Just keep watching.

The Order of St. Dumas is, for those who may not be aware, are a splinter group of the famous Knights Templar of the Crusades. the Order as it was created followed a man named Dumas. Dumas sought out justice in the form of might makes right and vengeance over all things. The Order trained countless warriors over the years to exact their specific form of justice leading to the training of Azrael.

Over the years, in the comics, there have been a few variants of the Order and specifically Azrael which is more of a moniker and less a specific person. Azrael is the name of the character, but more-so it is the title of many assassins as they are groomed by the Order to be swift, decisive and violent while holding to the beliefs of the Order.

If we believe what the Order priest tells Theo Galavan at the end of the episode to be true we will most likely be seeing a spectacular display.

The day of redemption is at hand. Our brothers are crossing the ocean now, warriors unlike this city has ever known.

My gut is telling me that we are set to see a warrior class of sorts taking on the prototypical characteristics of Azrael as they begin to enact their plans for cleansing Gotham and their ultimate goal of killing Bruce Wayne for his family's actions against the Dumas family. I also believe that from within the ranks of the Order will rise a warrior who seeks out Bruce Wayne and has a change of heart believing that Gotham and Bruce himself are worth saving, ultimately choosing to act as a force for good.



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