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Breaking Bad's Walter White a.k.a. Heisenberg, is the greatest villain/anti-hero to ever grace our screens. While he does questionable and immoral deeds the audience simply LOVES him. His ingenuity and vigilantism enchants us all, and that is what differentiates him from the other evil master-minds.

Bryan Cranston was brilliant in the role.
Bryan Cranston was brilliant in the role.

He represents the wild and dark aspects of the human psyche, the parts of our mind and spirit that we repress daily, by obeying the law and living by strict ethics and social norms. We all fantasize about letting our inner demons roam freely but never act upon these instinctual pulses because we are afraid of the consequences, both legal and social.

Walter White, portrayed by Bryan Cranston is the flesh and blood manifestation of these dark desires. He dares to go beyond all boundaries to attain these desires, and we observe him in complete awe. Thus we can all relate to him on a subconscious level. While probably none of us would admit cheering for Heisenberg when he poisoned a child, when he murdered multiple people in cold blood, and when he took advantage of addicts. But the truth is, we all DID.

Why? Because if we are looking at the big picture, in retro-spect we can see savage justice in the actions of Walter. Of course by the standards of our reality, he would be deemed as a psychopath, an amoral murderer and drug dealer. But in the transcendental plain of cinema, he is nothing less than a hero, who lives by a Malcolm X style code, and strives to get his own justice in an unfair world.

Nobody can give you freedom, nobody can give you equality or justice. If you are a man you take it.
- Malcolm X

This is exactly what grants Heisenberg the ultimate anti-hero title. He rises and shines as the archetypal outlaw figure, forever lingering in the threshold of right and wrong.

Even though the show has ended for good, and Bryan Cranston is so over-praised as an actor that even if he would just sneeze into a camera he would get an oscar (I mean it, check the gif out below!) the character of Walter White will never be forgotten. He will forever be preserved as an example of the perfect villain for years to come.

From an episode of Family Guy
From an episode of Family Guy

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