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I feel that superheroes have played big part in our past, present, and will in the future. My list of top 5 favorite superheroes will show you some of my most impacted superheroes!


What is your favorite superhero


This guy. He is a legend. He may be overused, and not what he is supposed to be, but no one can stop someone with that amount of power. Laser eyes, super strength, heat/freeze breath, flight, and others that are much better than Batman.


Punisher isn't a superhero, or a villain. He's a vigilante. A brute at times, with a plethora of weapons, he can't, and shouldn't, be stopped.


Thor is a god, which, by itself, is deadly. Plus his hammer, Mjolnir, and his ability to control lightning. That's why he is number three.

#2- Doctor strange

'Nuff said.


Breathe underwater, super strength, super speed, bullet-proof, ability to control water. Again, 'Nuff said.


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