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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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I know I did a review on this but looking at the movie again, I can't help but feel like there's another take on this movie.

Yes the overall message is still there. And maybe Joy, was supposed to be kinda egotistical and maybe a little selfish for herself, while Sadness really wants to try to help Riley cope with all that's been happening.

For me, Sadness is someone I truly identify with because, I learned that it was okay to be sad, and it's alright to let it all out because it can make you feel all the much better. Joy, is somebody who is obsessed with having great days and great moments, and yeah, while it is something to note that memories are okay if you feel happy and definitely that's nostalgia but if you are sad when you got that memory. It's true that it would stick more to you.

Sadness also actually tries to help and definitely is somebody who is the anti-Joy that's why they were always going to be formed together in the end. And I think Joy just pushes her away, because, she doesn't want anything to be tainted by Sadness, but do you notice how Sadness is actually saying that she doesn't know what's coming over her? How, she does want to follow Joy but at the same time just does the opposite to Joy's instructions at most times? This is because of instinct.
While the mind is in control at most times, sometimes the heart and the gut gets involved as well, and this is called instinct, when instinct calls it's best to listen to it and that's what Sadness is trying to do. If Joy allowed Sadness to take control for awhile then, Riley would actually be able to get over it much more quickly because, there is something to Sadness, that allows people to let be and move forwards. In other words, Sadness, is the true outlet of expressions.
While it's true that it's good to be happy and we all want to be happy and we spend our whole lives on finding happiness, because sometimes, we have an identity crisis, or just a little self doubt. We look to a happy memory and try to relive that moment.
But that feeling wouldn't be there without Sadness. Now I know I've said pretty much the same things from my review but I'll add something extra that doesn't really take away from the movie, it's just more perception. I think that Joy thinks that she's Riley because she keeps trying to enforce how things should go day to day. And while it's true she is technically part of Riley's subconscious as she is an emotion, but she tries to portray Riley too much. Like the scene where Joy is skating with Riley, and yeah you could look at it and go oh, that's just Riley being nostalgically happy, and that's what Joy is doing as well.

But then, let's take the fact that she is an emotion out of the equation. Doesn't it seem more creepy now? It's like some kid following you around trying to be you because they think your cool and you talked to them for one moment, or hung out with them for awhile. And you couldn't get rid of them because now they're like glue. Now maybe you could take this and say, oh maybe that's how Joy sees Sadness. But it's not true because, Sadness has her own thing, and she does try to say in the beginning maybe she should take over just for awhile because moving from house to house is something to be a little sad about because your losing your friends from back home and it's hard to adjust. Even the other emotions kept debating about whether this was hard, or not, and whether they should run away, back to Minnesota. Because of what Riley is not dealing with, which is her feelings. Yeah, their emotions so their nothing but feelings. But then again,it's a feeling that is important which is Sadness. And yeah, that is the message and that is the lesson but, I think it was much better to say that it's not only Sadness though. As we've seen from the final act, the reaction was actually more of being Sad and Angry at the same time. Again proving that sometimes some emotions have to work hand in hand to overcome something as heavy as this.


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