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Attack on Titan quickly became one of Japan's most popular animes, after the cult manga was adapted into a TV show. It's easy to understand the anime's popularity: the story is dark but compelling, with a thrilling plot and fascinating characters. Attack On Titan, or Shingeki No Kyojin if you're a purist, soon received a live action adaptation too, though this has far from pleased fans.

Thankfully, after years of waiting, Attack On Titan is finally getting a season 2, and this leaked preview gives a tantalising sneak peak at the story, while giving away no spoilers. This takes us straight back to one of the most shocking revelations of season 1: that the looming walls that have contained and protected humanity for so long are actually made of Titans! And Hanji is determined to discover the answer. Check it out!

Damn, Hanji doesn't pull punches, but it's good to know she's not ready to straight up murder a dude when he doesn't give her the information she wants. The preview doesn't give us any answers... yet, though it proves that season 2 will be just as exciting and action-packed as the first season. But can season 2 live up to the hype?

Setting The Bar High

The Attack On Titan live action movies always had high expectations to live up to, but thanks to the long wait for season 2 of the anime, and the overwhelmingly positive fan reception to season 1, the live action films were unlikely to live up to the hype. And with considerable changes to the source material, clunky dialogue and bad pacing, both the first live action movie and part 2, End Of The World, failed to really connect with fans.

With all of the criticism surrounding the live action films, it's easy to fondly look back on season 1 of the Shingeki No Kyojin anime and paint it as perfect. However, there are some significant flaws in the first season of the anime, which are now hurdles for season 2 to overcome.

Shocking revelations in episode 1
Shocking revelations in episode 1

The first episode of the anime was shocking, heartwrenching, and intriguing all at once. It established the story perfectly without giving too much away, and it lead into an amazing first plot arc to start off season 1. This pace was kept up for about 12 episodes, as the main trio began their training and met up with the rest of the recurring cast of characters. However, the second plot arc slowed the pace down a lot, as the anime tried to play for time so more manga chapters could be published, and the show suffered from multiple pacing problems until the end of season 1.

Attack On Titan season 2, therefore, must keep the pace up throughout, delivering action sequences and intriguing plot development consistently, balanced with character and relationship development. Though hopes are high for season 2, we must expect a lot of time to be spent inside the walls, as the next manga arc explores the tense political situation. This may come as a disappointment to fans who expect a lot of Titan slaying action, and hopefully the creative team won't fall prey to letting the show's momentum slow as this story develops.

Heavy Exposition & Focus On Eren

Another hurdle for season 2 is definitely plot exposition: fans and critics alike commented that the second live action movie overloaded the audience with chunks of plot explanations. With many unanswered questions at the end of season 1, Attack On Titan season 2 might just fall prey to this pitfall.

Season 1 was also criticised for Eren's characterisation.

As the hero of the show, Eren is at his best when he is confident and determined to succeed in his personal mission to kill all the Titans.

Yet season 1 spent a lot of time focusing on Eren's problems. While it's important to develop a protagonist, this took up a lot of time, and the other characters definitely suffered from a lack of development and screen time. Thankfully, season 2 already seems set to overcome this hurdle: the manga reveals a lot more details about characters like Ymir, Reiner, Bertholdt and Christa, while Sasha gets a serious upgrade in badassery. Mikasa drives a lot of the manga plotlines that will be explored in season 2, and the leaked preview already showcases Hanji's role in solving the mystery of the Titans in the wall. And of course fan favourite Levi will get a lot of attention: the anime might even delve into his backstory as revealed in the spinoff manga!

Though the manga has a lot of problems to overcome, and a lot of hype to live up to, we're confident that season 2 will nonetheless delight fans and first-time viewers alike! But what do you think? Let us know in the comics, or write your own post!

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