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Beasts was bought by Netflix for $12 million.

Netflix Inc. is the online streaming giant that provides unlimited entertainment offerings to the viewers. The company has expanded its business to almost 80 countries and is right on its plan to cater to viewers throughout the world. The recent act of viewers where they used a proxy to access Netflix in a region where it was not available annoyed the company officials hence it claimed to be operational in all parts of the world in the coming years.

The streaming service provider decided to own and produce its own TV shows and movies as well to eliminate the chance of other online streaming service provider and traditional TV Company’s chance of competing against Netflix or surviving in the market. Regardless of missing analysts’ expectations in the third quarter of the 2015 fiscal year, the company is determined to finish better by the end of this year. After trying several times to make an impact on the film entertainment domain as a production unit, it has finally got a big break that might change everything.

It is difficult to become a new entrant in a very competitive market however Netflix’s strategy to be in film production is clever. The company is picking up and producing all those movies and TV shows that are ignored or shunned by the big studios.

The online streaming service has yet again proved that it is a real threat to all the established networks and businesses in the high quality TV shows world. The WSJ report “As it moves into feature films with the release of ‘Beasts of No Nation’ on its streaming service and simultaneously in a small number of theaters this past weekend, it showed it is taking a different approach: making the type of movies that studios no longer do.”

Beasts are a African war drama which tells a story about a child soldier. This movie is starred by Idris Elba. The company is set to make all those movies which the studios no longer want to make and invest in. This movie also failed to determine a studio home and hence the production started on independent financing. Netflix then bought its worldwide rights for around $12 million which is twice as that of its production budget.

Jonathan King, the co-financier Participant Media’s executive vice president stated, “For Netflix to be a real player and support this kind of very ambitious movie at a time when it’s getting tougher, that’s a big deal.”


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