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(Warning - the following may contain LARGE, HULKING SPOILERS for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Or, y'know, it might not. At this point it's pretty much all speculative. Proceed with whatever level of caution your natural SPOILER-aversion dictates, though...)

Now, with the recent release of the third, and likely final, trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, we're likely now in possession of pretty much every scrap of evidence we're going to get for general plot-working-out purposes. Sure, there might be more posters, and possibly even a handful of official stills or a leak or two, but so far as officially authorized speculation material, this giant pile of awesomeness might well be it:

The big question, then?

Just What Can the New Trailer Tell Us About Episode VII's Plot?

Well, as it turns out, it might just tell as a whole, whole lot...

(All of which is, as mentioned up above, potentially hugely SPOILER-ific...)

First up?

5. Daisy Ridley's Rey Definitely isn't "No-one"

Now, debate is likely to rage over whether or not Daisy Ridley's Rey is, in actual fact, a junior Skywalker of some kind right up until Episode VII hits theaters - especially since the trailer doesn't come close to giving us a conclusive answer.

It does, however, feature a pretty teasing voice-over moment, with Rey insisting that she's "no-one". Which, whether it's because of her heritage, latent force-sensitivity, or both, looks set to be deeply untrue...

In other words? Expect her to have a damn good reason to be hiding in that there desert - and for the discovery of that reason to play a central role in the film's plot...


4. Finn Will Have Good Reason to Desert the Empire

Now, one thing the trailer seems to make abundantly clear is that John Boyega's Finn will be making a bold escape from the Empire in a shiny, spinning TIE Fighter:

From the looks of his face in the image above, though, it sure does seem like whatever he saw that prompted him to desert is going to have been pretty fundamentally terrible. Are we set to see some war crimes in the opening moments of the movie?

If so, it wouldn't be alone in suggesting that...

3. Things are Really Going to Have Changed Since the Original Trilogy

Now, Han Solo has historically been a pretty skeptical dude, so the double whammy of him revealing that 'hokey religion' the Force is very much real...

...and Rey and Finn's shock when he does so, seems to suggest that the galaxy is going to be a very changed place from when we left it at the close of Return of the Jedi.

If no-one believes in the Force, and the events of the original trilogy are considered legend, then it would seem to lend credence to the rumors that no new force wielders will have emerged in the years since 'Jedi. The Force Awakens, then, could well be a distinctly apt title - and might suggest a whole lot of Jedi (and Sith) will be heading our way over the next three movies.

Speaking of which...

2. It Looks Like Kylo Ren Has a Pretty Huge Secret

Now, there are a fair few ways that could go - with the possibility that he isn't actually a Force user an intriguing one (there's not actually anything stopping a non-Jedi-or-Sith from using one, beyond safety).

Other enticing options include the possibility of Ren being one of Han and Leia's kids (and therefore possibly Rey's brother, mirroring the events of the now non-canon Expanded Universe) and him being an unexpected additional grandkid (or even kid) of Anakin Skywalker - hence the obsession with Darth Vader...

Either way, though, the look on Finn's face when Adam Driver's face is revealed to be under Ren's mask surely suggests that there's a big reveal coming there...

The big question? What it's going to be...

Even bigger than that, though?

1. It Sure Seems as Though a Hero's Going to Die

After all, it sure does look like Daisy Ridley's Rey is mourning the death of someone there. There's speculation as to just who it is right here, but irrespective of who it is - it's not like there's a legendary hero we'd be OK with getting killed off, after all - it sure does seem as though at least one beloved figure isn't going to make it to Episode VIII.

Which...I'm still officially not willing to think about too much.

What do you reckon, though?

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