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This article is a continuation of sorts from an earlier article I wrote that included my suspicions of the Galavan twins' possible connection to The Court Of Owls. But this week's episode made an even more surprising revelation.

(The first article can be found by following the link here.)

This week's Gotham was filled with progressive character growth from start to finish and has continued to set out its own independant slice of the Batman mythos.

It offered its own unique twist on yet another familiar face from Batman's gallery of rogues, a twist that - by now - fans will either love for its originality or hate for its detouring from the source material. I, for one, view this show as its own universe (I refer to it as, Law and Order: Gotham just to annoy internet trolls), so I thoroughly enjoy how the creators have crafted and built this universe of mystery and intrigue and continue to do so each week, surprising us all as they keep us second guessing their every move .

We saw Bridget Pike (Michelle Veintimilla) as the half sister of a family of professional arsonists, who take her under their wing for a string of heist for the Penguin, and by extension, Theo Galavan. She gets injured during one of these heist and goes about crafting her own costume to protect herself from getting burnt again. But when her brother's equip her with a flamethrower - things go wrong and one of Jim Gordon's new Strike Force recruits gets killed (by mistake, naturally).

Bridget's connection to Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) is brought up in conversations between the two characters throughout the episode. After Bridget unleashes her raging torrent of flames and inadvertently kills a cop, the ever watching cat helps young Firefly to evade capture and helps her escape after this incident takes place. In an interview with Variety, Veintimilla discussed her feelings towards the good in her character, elaborating more on the complex nature of Gotham's villains and the hazed line between good intentions and bad deeds,

"She has this flamethrower and she has these resources and she sees the injustices happening in Gotham so she decides to take things into her own hands. There’s a lot of goodness in Bridget — she’s actually trying to do good, so I think that’s where the aggression begins.. I think it comes from a real passion to right the wrongs in Gotham."

and on her relationship with Selina,

"It’s really important because they both knew each other when they were very young, as orphans in the Narrows, and they know each other’s history. I know her mother’s story and she knows my story … there isn’t really anything to hide from each other. I think we're both really surprised where the other’s ended up — I’m so taken by how incredibly independent and strong Selina is and she’s so shocked that I’ve ended up as this defeated young woman because she knows better; she knew me when I was young and she knows that there’s more to me than that. We can’t hide anything from each other and I think that’s what makes it so special and real and honest.”

Bridget's mission was to retrieve an ancient knife for Theo Galavan, a knife that has a deep history with the Wayne family. Towards the end of the episode you find out Theo's true interest in the knife and you delve into the history of the city and it's founding families, a family of which Theo belongs - and no it's not linked to The Court Of Owls. Not yet anyway, but more on that later. However, Galavan is not his family's true name, he is in fact Theo Dumas.

Theo's family history stretches back centuries to the founding families. These families just happen to be the Wayne, Elliot, Dumas, Kane and Crowne clans - Families that ruled over Gotham. Things got rather heated when Bruce Wayne’s ancestor, Celestine Wayne was found in an illicit embrace with Caleb Dumas, but she had already been promised to the heir of the Elliot family. Celestine insisted that Caleb forced himself on her, resulting in the Wayne family seizing the Dumas family’s holdings and destroying their reputation, forcing them to change their name to Galavan.

Caleb had his hand cut off by the stolen blade as punishment, before being exiled overseas, where he entered a religious group — a religious group known to fans as The Order of St. Dumas

(Batman Fan's may have jumped at the Elliot family name but Hush for now, thats coming soon.)

The order of Saint Dumas, is a branch of the knights Templar, a group whose most notable member is a fierce warrior in Batman lore known as Azrael.
Azrael is the order's trained assassin and the name can be bestowed upon any chosen champion. But the most famous (or infamous) is probably that of Jean-Paul Valley, a man who replaced Batman in the Knightfall story arc - a story arc that is not loved by fans overall.

Azrael is most often seen dressed in a knight's armour. Draped in what appears to be the St. George cross, they have a very assassins creed feel to them and can be seen brandishing a flaming sword from time to time. Casual fans may even be familiar with spotting them around Gotham City with Michael Lane taking up the mantle in the popular Batman: Arkham game series.

My new theory on this mysterious Theo character comes in the form of the aforementioned assassin Azrael. As soon as I heared the family name I had a sneaking suspicion that this man with a desperate need to be the city's hero, could well be Gotham's very own version of Azrael. A theory that only grew stronger when I read an interview executive producer Danny Cannon recently had with Den of Geek where he made this comment,

"Azrael is a really good long, slow-burning origin story that will be introduced in season two."

So my hunch could play on screen as the mysterious order of Saint Dumas is explored throughout the coming episodes. After all the tagline for season 2 is "Rise of the Villains." So I would expect things to turn south rapidly as we progress further down the rabbit hole. My good friends over at managed to sit down with executive producer John Stephens who expanded on the role that The Order Of St. Dumas is yet to play this season,

“We will be going deeper into the Order of St. Dumas over the next run of episodes, and it will continue to play an evolving role for the rest of the season… And yes, we wouldn’t be telling an Order of St. Dumas story without also intending to tell an Azrael story. Just keep watching.”

At the end of the episode Theo is seen talking to a priest of the order who says,

"The day of redemption is at hand. Our brothers are crossing the ocean now, warriors unlike this city has ever known."

This would suggest a more militarised form of the order rather than just one, single assassin. Perhaps a group of recruits or knights training and competing for the legendary position of Azrael, one that Theo has to join in order to climb the ranks and learn more of what the order has to offer.

But in the books, there are several different splinter factions of this order. Some that fall apart after their chosen champion is beaten or killed while others simply make a massive error failing in the mission of their specific faction.

The Order Of St. Dumas also (on occasion) have had large groups of Azraels in training that are often lead by the current Azrael. So the "Brothers" that are crossing the ocean could well be Azraels in training sailing across to Gotham to be greeted by their new mentor and leader, Theo Dumas or Azrael. All of which clicks perfectly with the above statement that the priest made.

Fans of the show (myself included) really thought that Theo and his sister would've been revealed to be connected to the famous Court Of Owls, but this revelation may have put that on hold for now. But don't count them out just yet, The Court's roots run deep in Gotham and could be linked to another of the founding families within Gotham.

This show is becoming famous for the risks they take when it comes to changes to the Batman history. I have a strong feeling that once "The Order" has been established and possibly dealt with, the Owls will come out to play. They could even possibly have ties within The Order Of St.Dumas. Just remember the words of Bruno Heller from my previous article mentioning his interview with where he stated,

“The Court of Owls is deep, deep, deep Gotham mythology. The comic book fans know about it, but I would suspect the larger audience is not so familiar. We are absolutely going to explore that world down the line. Looking at the longevity of the show, we have to hold some cards back, we can’t just throw all of the elements, all of the story at once. The Court of Owls is a brilliant conceit that will absolutely be part of our storytelling. I just won’t tell you when.”

This season will see the rise of the villains and Gotham will never be the same again, so expect big things to be coming Jim Gordon's way. But no matter how you look at it, we know with certainty that this warrior (or warriors) will be seen on the small screen. Expect someone with a red cross on, some armor, and maybe even some flaming weaponry. But rest assured it will never look anything like this...

I hope you've enjoyed another delve into the ever twisting and changing world of Gotham that I continue to try and preemptively guess as the season progresses, but as always they continue to surprise and amaze us all as viewers.

As always feel free to sound off in the comments section with your theories or additions, I always love hearing from other fans about the direction in which you think this show is going.

But for now, just remember the foreshadowing words the priest utter to Theo as the episode came to a close,

"Gotham will be redeemed in blood, and Bruce Wayne will die."


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