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Reddit can be a home for some of the worst kind of gamers out there. But we know that this site can be filled with some real geniuses too. Over the last year I've trawled through the depths of Reddit to better understand gaming culture, what gamers themselves actually enjoy, and how we interact with one another as a community. Let me say this: some of you people out there are damn funny and have some really great ideas.

In a recent chat on reddit, gamers took it upon themselves to ponder the title of the sequel to Naughty Dog's [The Last of Us](tag:1190382). The Last of Us 2 is obviously one that's thrown around, but Naughty Dog may want to find something a bit more inventive. Let's take a look at some of the ideas that gamers had, and we'd love to hear from you guys in the comments too!

What Could The Title For Naughty Dog's The Last Of Us 2 Be?

The Last of Us 2, you say?!
The Last of Us 2, you say?!

There are many directions that The Last of Us 2 could go following the success of the original: it could go to Europe, it could follow one of the minor characters from the first game, it could see a horrible relationship change for Joel and Ellie, and so many other possibilities! Whatever direction Naughty Dog take the sequel, the title they pick for the project is a vital aspect of its identity. Here are some of the more serious titles that players put forward:

  • The Last of Us: Those Who Remain
  • The Worst of Us - We could see a much darker world than before with a title like this one!
  • The Last of Us: Starvation - I could kind of see a title like this happening
  • The Last of Us: The Last Stand - Arnold Sahwarzennegr won't star in it though
  • The Last of Us: The Will To Survive
  • The End of Us - I like this one!
  • What's Left of Us - Yet again people, I like this one!
The Last of Us
The Last of Us

But then we have the piss takes. These ideas for The Last of Us 2 are priceless in so many ways! Be sure to let us know which one you liked the most!

  • The Laster of Us - followed by The Lastest of Us
  • 2 Last 2 Us - Yep, I could get behind a game with a title like that
  • The Last of Us: Last Harder - With the way we've seen Hollywood sequels named lately, someone out there would probably think this is a good idea
  • Some More of Us
  • Turns Out That Wasn't The Last of Us - good work, sir or madam!

[The Last of Us 2](tag:2705432), if that is indeed what it will be called, has a lot of expectations thrust upon it. First we'll have to see how Naughty Dog have handled [Uncharted 4](tag:2684002), but afterwards I think the whole gaming world will be waiting to see how they continue an adventure in the world of The Last of Us!


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