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I have not wrote an article in a while as i was looking for a really big pump in inspiration, and with the final trailer for [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) out i think i got what i needed.

Star Wars..these two words that mean so much to millions upon millions of fans around the world. This amazingly brilliant futuristic world that George Lucas created and has captured the hearts of the world for decades.

There truly is an element of magic to this franchise, my personal humble opinion is that no other franchise has manage to influence people on a global change as Star Wars has, the captivating and emotional story, the characters that may even considered to be extended family members to a lot of us and that music..that music that brakes mental and emotional barriers and hits directly to the heart.

Star Wars has managed to brake beyond countries and cultures and unite people through out the world to become a united fan base, almost every single country currently has had a Star Wars influence in the ranks of its society. It is a global symbol recognizable even to people who could care less about this fantastic piece of art. Star Wars is simply a global family, no matter where a person is if they are Star Wars fans then they are instantly connected by a bond that no words really are needed to explain.

Since the first teaser trailer almost a year ago, to the trailer on Monday night they reminded me how blessed us Star Wars fans are, hearing that music again and seeing the characters we loved so much coming back it really creates a flow of emotion which can be hard at times to control. Star Wars has this magical power which transports us back to our childhood to re visit those warm memories of waiting in line outside the cinema, spending some quality time with family and friends enjoying this world beyond our own.

And at the same time it makes you excited to look on to the future and be happy, no matter the problems that people may be facing currently when those theater doors open for the first time in December it is certain that for those few precious hours in the cinema people will forget their problems, they will revisit those Star Wars memories and at the same time create new ones with the people that matter the most in your life next to you.

Star Wars is not just a movie franchise, Star Wars is part of our lives and as my mother made sure to pass that to me when i was just a little kid, i will make sure to pass it along to my future kids because every life can be enriched with a little Star Wars in it.

And when December comes upon us, myself along with the millions of millions of eagerly awaiting fans around the world will be living in excitement and control the sometimes uncontrollable emotions building up within us till we seat on that chair in the cinema and feel the force calling us to let it in!

Millions of parents, children and friends will be united for those few hours as The Force Awakens.

Below some of my favorite reactions so far..when words lose all their meaning in moments like these ones:


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