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(Warning: potential spoilers for [Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936) lie below. Go play the game. Now.)

So, another day, another contribution to the Internet in the form of superhero news. It's not often I branch out and talk about video games, but hey, here's to trying new things.

So, if, like me, you're a fan of pretty much everything superhero apart from Aquaman, you'll have punched, kicked, and blasted your way through the latest episode in Rocksteady's Batman franchise in no time at all. Having captured Firefly, shutting down The Riddler, and apprehending Penguin, you're probably at a loss for what to do. Heck, I know I was.

I'm kidding. Aquaman isn't THAT bad.
I'm kidding. Aquaman isn't THAT bad.

Lucky for me, I'm a Creator on Moviepilot, so I get to throw my thoughts online and hope somebody reads them. My thoughts this time? Why, exactly, the next game made by Rocksteady should belong to the green dude with a bow. Let's get started.

Green Arrow Is VERY Similar to Batman

Uh... yes, you are.
Uh... yes, you are.

Like Batman, Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) is also a billionaire playboy who doesn't quite know what to do with his money, other than spend it on superpower-type stuff. Often in the comics, he's likened to the Caped Crusader himself, and if it weren't for the different costume (or the beard) I'd struggle to tell the difference between the two.

He's just as gadget-centric as Batman, and his fighting style is varied too. What I'm saying is, if you were to mash the combo button and see your character take down ten enemies in a short space of time, it would be believable if you were playing as Green Arrow. And hey, he does has an arrow for everything.


Obviously, he's not as much of a detective, so you might lose the very useful detective vision, but I don't see that as completely irreplaceable. He could have something like a sonar arrow, that when shot into an area, sends a ping that highlights objects and bad guys. Just a thought.

Movement Would Be Very Similar

While Mr. Queen here lacks the ability to glide from rooftop to rooftop, he does have the ability to grapple, which is a fundamental part of the Arkham series. It's not that he has a grapple gun, but he could certainly use some sorta arrow to swing from place to place.

In terms of the obvious lacking of the Batmobile, this superhero traditionally has a highly powered motorcycle, which could be used to navigate the streets of Star City quickly and efficiently. While the sometimes-fun drone battles would be lost, the aspect of high-speed chases wouldn't be. I can easily see my virtual self cruising down the highway next to an illegal arms shipment, having to aim arrows successfully at all four of its tires to finally take it out.

Does he know there's a bus?
Does he know there's a bus?

There's an Extremely Similar Character Dynamic

While Bruce Wayne has his Bat-family, Oliver Queen has Team Arrow. Similarly, it consists of a few sidekicks, and a computer nerd who could probably figure out a way to program icing onto a cake. Luckily for us, this means that the comms systems from Batman: Arkham Knight could be pretty much copied and pasted into a potential Green Arrow game, and there would be plenty of cameo opportunities for sidekicks to show up in.

We weren't going to, Roy...
We weren't going to, Roy...

I can see there being plenty of side missions to dive into alongside a few side characters. For instance, dealing with the appearance of Brick with Red Arrow, or taking down the recently-escaped Clock King alongside Black Canary. What I'm saying is, there would be plenty of content for you to dig into before you completed the game.

Oliver Queen Already Exists in the Rocksteady Universe

That's right. As with any superhero production, Batman: Arkham Knight is filled to the brim with Easter eggs. From Lex Luthor to the Flash, fans got all they wanted from this game in terms of hinting content.

I'll keep this short and simple, but you can find the Queen Industries (the company Oliver owns) building on Founder's Island, exactly here:

As for what the building looks like, it looks like this:

Although the logo still has archery symbolism in it, the company has obviously had a logo change since their previous appearance in the earlier Arkham Origins game:

As you can see, both logos heavily incorporate bow-and-arrow related stuff. So, it's pretty obvious Oliver does exist alongside Batman, and, knowing superhero companies, I wouldn't be surprised if they've been plotting a Green Arrow game for a long time. Maybe they aren't, but hey, at least he exists.

There you have it, folks. Those are all the reasons why I think the next Rocksteady game should heavily involve a green hood and a few arrows. Leave your thoughts in the comments, or take the poll. Until next time! :)


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