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HBO’s new drama, Vinyl, premieres on the network in January, 2016. It stars Bobby Cannavale as a New York City record executive trying to keep his label alive in the 1970s. Vinyl also stars Olivia Wilde as his wife.

Here’s why the show will be a major success:

Great Powers That Be: Vinyl is executive produced by Martin Scorsese (who also wrote and directed) and Mick Jagger (yes, the Rolling Stones legend). It was created by Terrence Winter (who also served as EP and writer).

If Winter is unfamiliar, he created, wrote and produced Boardwalk Empire. He served as a writer and EP on The Sopranos and he earned an Oscar nomination for The Wolf of Wall Street adapted screenplay.

To be fair, Mick Jagger has the least amount of production experience but has been part of the popular music scene for the past five decades. He’s been there and done that. Lots and lots and lots of that.

You would be hard-pressed to find a production team of such a fine pedigree.

Olivia Wilde always looks tremendous.
Olivia Wilde always looks tremendous.

Excellent Mix of a Cast: Vinyl has a fantastic blend of experience and youth. In addition to the above-mentioned stars, the show also stars Ray Romano, P.J. Byrne, Andrew “Dice” Clay and Paul Ben-Victor along with a slew of great young actors, including, Juno Temple, Jack Quaid (son of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan) and Jack Jagger (son of Mick) as a musician and singer.

Ray Romano (far left) is barely recognizable.
Ray Romano (far left) is barely recognizable.
Jack Jagger has some great lineage.
Jack Jagger has some great lineage.

Tremendous Era for Music: Vinyl is set during an excellent time for music output that included the spawn and death of disco along with the births of punk and hip hop.

Wild Fashion Statements: Wall-to-wall polyester with smatterings of leather tossed in for good measure along with the birth and eventual death of leisure suits and platform shoes.

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll: Literally!

Reeks of potential award nominations: It won’t make the 2016 Golden Globes but it will be eligible for the Emmy Awards.

Look for Mr. Cannavale in the acting trophy hunt.
Look for Mr. Cannavale in the acting trophy hunt.

Bobby Cannavale hasn’t won an acting award in a few years. He’s overdue.

Olivia Wilde is still developing, acting-wise, and should be stepping up in award consideration.

Finally, when’s the last time Martin Scorsese did something and didn’t get at least a handful of nominations?


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