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Awards season is upon us! Although awards show viewership has been slowly decreasing in recent years (with last year's Academy Awards bringing in its lowest numbers since 2009), movie buffs will likely continue to tune in to see which films and actors are worthy of bringing home a golden statue. But for more casual viewers, sometimes the show is all about who's hosting.

Last year, Neil Patrick Harris took his shot at entertaining the crowds, following in the massive footsteps of Ellen DeGeneres. This year, possibly due to the low ratings last year, the Academy has decided to bring back a controversial comedian to host the show: Chris Rock.

Today producers David Hill and Reginald Hudlin announced that Rock would reprise his role of host for the 88th Academy Awards. The comedian hosted the Oscars back in 2005 and was met with heavily mixed reviews.

According to a statement (via Variety), Rock expressed his excitement to take on the stage again and usher us into a new year of movie history, saying:

I’m so glad to be hosting the Oscars. It’s great to be back.

While there's already some who oppose Chris Rock being given a second chance at taking the stage, personally I think he'll do great. Here are three reasons why you should be excited to see Chris Rock host the 2016 Oscars:

1. He's incredibly entertaining


Chris Rock has always been held in high regard in the comedy community and is considered one of the greatest stand-up comedians alive. He certainly doesn't need anything flashy to entertain a crowd.

2. He holds nothing back

From politics to race issues, Rock is no stranger to taking risks and talking about topical events in front of a crowd. What he says might not please everyone, but I think that's probably a good thing, especially for a ceremony that is often seen as stuffy and old-fashioned. He's edgy yet relatable, and I think that really works.

3. He unites the young and old

DreamWorks Animation
DreamWorks Animation

Whether audiences know him from his stand-up, Everybody Hates Chris, SNL, or voicing Marty in Madagascar, Chris Rock is recognizable to viewers of all ages. Sure, he might not have the most G-rated content, but the Academy Awards can afford to spice things up a bit.

Do you thinking bringing on an edgy host like Chris Rock will increase this year's ratings? What do you hope to see at this Academy Awards? Let me know in the comments section!

(Source: Variety)


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