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The Story:

The team analyzes the singularity at Star Labs with Jay intending to use it to get back to his world. After trying to run through the portal using his super speed, Jay decides to build a "Speed Canon" or stabilizer to help him in doing so. While on a coffee break, the team runs into Lisa Snart who asks them to help her. She reveals that her father is back in town and thinks he has kidnapped Leornard. After confronting Leonard and left to die, Barry is saved by Cisco using a heating device stored in the middle of his suit. They find out that their father Lewis planted a substance called thermite on Lisa's neck which explodes when it comes in contact with pressurized air or is detonated manually. After following a lead with Joe and Patty Barry realizes Leonard is being forced to work with his father.Barry goes under cover to get into Lewis crew, to save Leonard and his sister. He impresses Lewis with one of his stories as a master hacker and is asked to come along. Barry uses his speed to save innocent guards from being killed by Lewis and bypasses the building's security system. Once he unlocks the elevator Lewis shoots him. Barry, having caught the bullet, suits up and confronts the Snarts in the vault. He stalls just long enough for Cisco to remove the thermite from Lisa. As Barry goes to take Lewis in, Leonard kills him in anger. Having to bring in Leonard, Barry again reaches out to him saying he can change. He then has him locked up in the meta human wing of Iron Heights. Jay and Caitlin reveal the speed canon, but just as Jay is about to leave, they convince him to stay. He agrees to helping them stop Zoom before he returns home. Professor Stein experiences another episode, again surrounded by the blue fire, while Earth 2 Harrison Wells steps in through the singularity.

The Action:

The fight scenes in this episode were very brief, but there were still some cool action sequences. At the very beginning we have Barry running up a building after telling Iris to jump out of an opening at the side of the building. We have a pretty cool slow mo shot when he catches her.

When Barry goes to "save" Captain Cold it is revealed to be a trap and is hit with the cold gun. Cisco then activates a heating mechanism he put in middle of Barry's suit to get rid of the ice. Pretty cool indeed Cisco.

When Barry poses as Sam, a new tech guy wanting to work for Lewis we see him utilize his powers without the suit. Seeing scenes like these makes me glad to see Barry thinking outside the box. He uses his speed to save guards Lewis intended to kill and catches a bullet after being shot by Lewis. Way to go Barry!

New Characters/Cameos:

Francine West: (Seen Below) What is this woman really doing back here? The Flash writers have been pretty good at hiding their characters true intentions, so one can think that there is a bigger reason to her return. Hopefully we see more about her in the upcoming episode.

Lewis Snart: This guy is straight up brutal. It is revealed that he used to abuse his kids and actually goes to the extreme to get Leonard to work with him. What kind of father puts thermite on his daughter to blow her head off in case his son decides to not help him? Shame on you Lewis. No one shall miss you good sir, you are the definition of evil. Michael Ironside was General Lane on Smallville and just like he did on that show, did an amazing job in this episode.

Leonard and Lisa: Even though they are technically the bad guys, we see why they came to be the way they are. You can see they have tried to make good on their agreement with Barry this episode to not kill anyone. Leonard is forced to kill his dad in the end because of what he did to his sister. I think it was somehow justified in what he did though, but it was cold. See what I did there.

Linda Park: Everybody was waiting for her to turn up sometime and although it was for a moment, we'll take it. Hopefully we get to see more of her pretty face in future episodes.

Harrison Wells (Earth 2): In the last post I talked of Wells appearing on Earth 1 out of nowhere. Now it's a bit different than I pictured, but there he is. Now we know he is a lot more connected to everything than we were lead on to believe and it will be interesting to see what his role is this time.

Character Interactions:

Team Flash- It looks like the main objective of the team this episode was to build the Speed Canon to get Jay back to Earth 2. Then walks in the Family of Rogues to stir things up a bit. Barry actually plays himself to be a criminal to infiltrate Lewis's team and he was pretty bad ass. Caitlin and Jay continue to work together on the Speed Canon while Cisco tends to Lisa Snart who is the damsel in distress. Then we have Joe and Iris having to deal with the return of Francine West, Joe's estranged wife. As much of a joy it is to see Dr. Stein pop up, it looks like the team will have to find a way to save him in the next episode, but we will get back to that later. Despite all the challenges they had to face this episode, Team Flash prevailed!

Jay and Caitlin- They finished building the Speed Canon for Jay to get home, but Caitlin wasn't going to let him go that easily. The chemistry they had in the last episode was built upon in this one, and boy we can't wait to see where this goes. Barry, Cisco and Stein saw right through you there Caitlin. We need him to help bring down Zoom she says, as if that is the only reason.

Barry and Patty- These two need more scenes together. With Barry's previous romances failing one after the other, it would be nice for him to stick with one for a while at least. They shared some pretty awkward scenes this episode, but it was just so adorable. She even called Barry the Flash , with Barry thinking she knew his secret for a moment. Obviously she doesn't but when she does the moment will be golden.

Cisco and Lisa- These two are total opposites, but that is why it works. Her being a criminal and Cisco being part of Team Flash, the scenes they shared together in this episode were fantastic. Instead of being the trouble, Lisa found herself in trouble and that is when Cisco stepped up to the plate. In the end he saved her and got a kiss out of it. Not bad Cisco, not bad. I can not wait to see more of Vibe/Golden Glider action in the future.

Joe, Iris, and Barry- Joe finally let it all out in this episode to both his kids. His wife has come back and figured it was time to tell them the truth. She was a drug addict when Iris was young and all he wanted to do was protect her. Before he could get to her after putting her in the hospital, she was gone. These heart to hearts in these episodes are done really well, and they are something people in the real world can relate to. When Joe cries, we all cry. Let it all out big guy.

Snart Family- They're dysfunctional at best. Looks like we know that these two were raised by a rotten apple, but they aren't as bad as their old man. They commit petty crimes, but have kept to the agreement Barry made with them. No killing, or he would come for them. In comes Papa Snart and the Rogues are the ones in trouble.

Barry and Leonard- These two definitely have a bromance cooking up. They might not know it yet, but they are best friends. Barry still sees the good in Snart and actually helps him save his sister. Then he gives him a little pep talk at the end to help Snart take the right path, and then has him locked up in the meta human wing at Iron Heights.

Joe and Francine- Not too much is known about her, other than that she used to be a drug addict. Joe definitely doesn't want her to be part of his and Iris' life, but she is persistent. She says that Iris needs her now. What can that possibly mean? After all this time is Francine here to just further Iris' plot line, or open up a new one for another familiar Flash character. My bet will have to be Daniel West, but that is for another post.

Easter Eggs:

Kahndaq Dynasty Crystal- When Barry is trying to infiltrate Lewis' crew he tells him of the time he hacked a security system on a job with Leonard. He then mentions Kahndaq Dynasty Crystals. Kahndaq is the homeland of antihero Black Adam. This was a pretty cool shout out.

What's To Come:

Doctor Stein's condition seems to be worsening, so Team Flash goes out to find another match for him to contain the FIrestorm Matrix. In walks Jay Jackson, who is chosen to pick up the mantle. Then comes another meta human wanting to be the only Firestorm. Looks like we are in for another cool episode next week.

Final Thoughts:

Just like the last episode, this one was more story driven than anything. We get to see more back story to the newly introduced characters as well as some old faces. This show has yet to slow down and disappoint. What did you think about this episode? Leave it in the comments below, we'd love to read them!


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