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Suicide Squad is already proving to be one of the most interesting superhero (themed) movies of 2016: focusing on DC's villains, the film will see deranged criminals team up to save the world. Directed by The Fast & The Furious' David Ayer, and featuring a stellar cast, Suicide Squad looks set to be the pull-no-punches darkly comic counter to the hotly anticipated [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870).

With a main cast bristling with villains, it's tough to figure out who the main antagonist of Suicide Squad will be. But we've had a steady stream of rumours and hints that give us the top contenders!

Option 1: The Joker

I mean, this one's pretty obvious isn't it? The trailer didn't show a lot of Joker, but his presence was definitely felt. The final scene seemed to be a snippet of his time torturing Dr Harleen Quinzel, and leaked set pictures have revealed a flashback scene as he kidnaps the young psychiatrist.

Harleen defends herself against Joker
Harleen defends herself against Joker

But the Joker may not just feature as part of Harley Quinn's origin story: the trailer also gave us glimpses of an apparent strike team of Joker's goons (1:34 and 2:09 minutes in). Could this be the threat that Amanda Waller wants the Suicide Squad to eliminate? Take another look at the trailer, and see what you think.

The whole trailer does build up to the Joker's appearance, and this seems to imply he'll be the villain of the piece. But it could be that this is a bit of a red herring, and the real villain is yet to be revealed...

Option 2: Enchantress

The most recent villain rumour to make the rounds is the idea that Cara Delvingne's Enchantress might actually be the antagonist Task Force X is sent to take down. This is fueled mostly by the fact that Enchantress, assumed to be part of the Squad, is never shown with them in the trailer, leading many to wonder whether she has a different role to play.

June Moore becomes Enchantress
June Moore becomes Enchantress

Considering the nature of Enchantress' character, it's entirely possible that she stands apart from the Squad and might become too powerful to control.

In the comics, June Moore becomes the Enchantress when empowered by a mysterious supernatural being. Naturally, this means the root of her powers is enigmatic, and Enchantress veers between good and evil. The Suicide Squad trailer shows June spelunking, seeming to be completing a magical ritual in dark water, and looming menacingly as Enchantress. It's entirely possible that June's actions cause Amanda Waller concern, so she sends Task Force X to contain this frightening new power.

As far as concrete evidence is concerned, all we have are apparent hints from the trailer and Heroic Hollywood's sources. And while this would be fantastic to see, it's possible that Suicide Squad may not have a traditional heroes vs villains structure...

Option 3: Amanda Waller

Don't worry, I'm not implying that Amanda Waller herself will turn into a supervillain.

Will Amanda Waller betray the Squad?
Will Amanda Waller betray the Squad?

But Suicide Squad already seems to be blurring the lines between good and evil, which implies that one clear villain is unlikely to feature. Instead, the story may focus more on shades of grey, with characters shifting alliances and loyalties. Of course, there seems to be one threat to overcome, but the Squad also seem to be betrayed by Amanda, if this line from Deadshot is anything to go by...

"So that's it huh. We're the patsies. Some kind of Suicide Squad."

The implication is that Waller has set Task Force X up, leading them to believe that they will make it out alive but orchestrating some other part of the plan herself in a way that endangers the Squad. It could be that her plan is to kill two birds with one stone: assemble Task Force X to eliminate one threat on a suicide mission that will take them out too. It's definitely efficient, and Waller is known to be very ruthless in her methods.

So there you have it folks! The main contenders for the Suicide Squad's main adversary. Which one do you think is the true villain? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!

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