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Robin Shields

Who is Enid? Is she a mole for the Wolves or just a very damaged teenager?

Up until this last episode we really did not know very much about Enid. But now, we were allowed a peek into her past. Like many of the characters in the show, she is transformed in many ways by the apocalypse. First, the show implies that she actually sees her parents killed and consumed by walkers. We saw the before and after, but what Enid really witnessed is a burden only suffered by her, for now. Then, because of extreme hunger she eats a turtle raw, and uses the bones to spell out JSS. We see her write JSS a few time throughout the episode and at this point the meaning is still a mystery. What does JSS mean?

She continues to struggle until she reaches Alexandria, a safe haven. Why does she hesitate when approaching the entrance? But once inside, she remains very distant, detached and it takes her two weeks to even begin speaking. Is this a result of her experiences, or is there another reason?

She is a very damaged young girl. She seems unwilling to form a long lasting relationship with anyone living, fearing they might suffer the same fate as her parents. But I suspect that she has come across a group of people before she arrived in Alexandria and they taught her the living were far more dangerous than the dead.

Later, Carl sees Enid sneaking out of the compound by climbing over the barrier wall. Why was she sneaking out and where was she going? Carl decided to follow her, and they shared some awkward bonding time. I know I was kind of excited at the prospect of Carl having a little teenage girlfriend. But that was last season.

Now, in the last episode, we see Enid making her rounds saying good bye to her friends. Why did she decide to leave when she did? Her timing is very suspicious. Ooops, she waited too long. Now Alexandria is under attack by the Wolves, but oddly enough, Enid is still acting very nonchalantly. Either she is very numb in general or she knows what is going on.

When Enid goes to say her farewell to Carl she ends up helping him guard Judith and the house when she says, “There are too many blind spots, that’s why WE were able…” Damnit, Carl interrupts her. Is she talking about when she and Carl snuck out of Alexandria or, is she talking about WE as in the Wolves?

The next thing we know she is gone and Carl has a note from her…. Just survive somehow.

I have a feeling we are far from done with Enid. I think we will be seeing more of her in the future. By the way, has anyone checked on Judith lately?


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