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I've read the book, I've seen the movie, and now I'm going to talk about it.
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The silver screen is deceiving. It takes away years, hides wrinkles, and adds inches (to height, of course). Because of tricks of the camera - and larger-than-life personalities - we often have an inflated idea of how tall our favorite stars actually are. Keep your own height in mind while checking out the list below, and prepare to be surprised by these celebrity heights. From short celebrities to tall celebrities, here is the list.

Shortest Celebrities

4'11" - Kristin Chenoweth and Judy Garland

Kristin Chenoweth, left and Judy Garland, right.
Kristin Chenoweth, left and Judy Garland, right.

Both of these highly-talented musical actresses are not only the same height, but came to fame because of the wonderful land of Oz.

5'0" - Danny Devito and Hayden Panettiere

We know one from Nashville and one from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but no matter the city, these two are the same height.

5'1" - Reese Witherspoon and Lady Gaga

Witherspoon, left and Gaga, right.
Witherspoon, left and Gaga, right.

Reese Witherspoon has always been the go-to for "short" actresses, but who knew that Mother Monster herself was so tiny!?

5'4" - Seth Green and Idina Menzel

Get it? Because he's Seth Green and she's green? Eh, never mind. They're the same height.

5'5" - Bruno Mars and Daniel Radcliffe

Don't be fooled - those hats definitely add a few inches.

5'7" - Tom Cruise and Beyoncé

Everyone knows that Tom Cruise's action star persona makes him seem much taller than he is, but I always thought Queen B was much taller. It must be those legs...

Tallest Celebrities

5'10" - Taylor Swift and Johnny Depp

Two darlings of the celebrity pages, these two love-'em-or-hate-'em stars certainly stand out a bit.

6'0" - Chris Pine and Chris Evans

Well well well, who'd have thought that Captain Kirk and Captain America were the same height?

6'2" - Tom Hiddleston and Gerard Butler

Not going to lie, these two are the reason 6'2" is my perfect height for a man.

6'3" - Will Ferrell and Gwendoline Christie

Maybe it's his goofy and self-deprecating humor, but Will Ferrell has never seemed tall - whereas Gwendoline Christie is one of the tallest players in Game of Thrones.

6'4" - Jared Padalecki, Jeff Goldblum, and Liam Neeson

More actors than you would think stand at 6'4". We all know Jared Padalecki is a bit of a "moose," but who knew Dr. Ian Malcom and Qui-gon Jinn were so tall?

6'5" - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Vince Vaughn

Of course Dwayne Johnson is tall. There's a reason his nickname is "The Rock." But Vince Vaughn? That's a surprise!

I have to say, researching for this article actually did blow my mind a little bit. It's amazing the effects that camera shots, high heels, and fancy costumes can have on our perception of height and size.


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