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Thomas Marsula

This is another Character from Syndicate X. Her name is Dianna Linn. She was one of my favorite characters to write for. She's inspired from my sister and a little other part of me. Dianna is five years old and completely addicted to watching television. She learned about inappropriate behaviors as well as all the lines to her favorite shows. Her father Draix Linn is a talking Dragon who eats gold from other planets to gain power. So she is stuck at home. One day she is called and told to go to school.

She reluctantly goes and meets a young boy. She gets a crush and uses her knowledge of current television as advise. She asked if she could date him. As soon as he says ok she kisses him and shocks him to the ground with electricity. The students around her call her Zap. At first this gets to her but she remembers she was taught never to back down. With that in mind she tells them that she takes the name with pride and tells them to F-off. The students are silenced and she gets moved into the principal's office. She also gets visions of the boys past and future. Her powers are sort of a mix of Thor and Rogue except her kiss let's her see others past and future.

She ditches school after revealing a deep secret of the principal and almost returns home. She spots a hair salon and threatens the owner to giver her a hair dye job of multiple colors for free. As a part of a test when her dad returns after raiding another planet she kisses him goodnight and receives visions of a young boy who she assumes she end up falling in love with. This was inspired from Disney's love at first sight cliche. I've switched it to love at first vision.

Young Dianna "Zap" Linn is one of the most dangerous and more powerful creatures ever. Her power to create lighting also acts as a constant power boost. She can strike down multiple enemies at once with a single strike. She's precise but also as can easily get tempered. Depending on what she hits she can unintentionally create small fires or even make the sky rain creating heavy thunderstorms. She can only see glimpses of the future or past and sometimes both but it's often cluster and unorganized. When she does learn what is to come she rather not sat. She despises spoilers and with threaten those willing to give a show she's watching.

Even left alone she knows how to take care of herself. She's very independent and a total badass in battle. She won't back down from a fight. She quickly became one of my favorites to write because I often saw how people say how they want more female figures. There is also this strange other side of the spectrum that say that the cliche is running it's course of "badass" women. So I made her a young badass girl with some soft spots here and there to create a unique balance of the two.


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