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rickey russell

Shout Factory is probably the truest distribution company to hit up for those highly sought after, cult classic, way-back-when films for movie collectors. Not to mention the original cover art that comes with purchasing the stellar selection that the company offers. Well now Shout Factory are moving beyond supplying us with those horror, cult, sci-fi genre gems, and move into the movie making business with first feature film to come from the guys!

Shout! Factory has acquired the script for the horror feature 'Fender Bender'. Mark Pavia (Stephen Kings The Night Flier) wrote the script and will be directing the film. Shout! Factory will develop and finance the film through it's Scream Factory horror genre label. It is currently in pre-production and is planned to begin filming in the next three months. The film is the first original feature for the company and is said to be "a return to a more classic style of horror film."-Deadline


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