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Adel Haddadin

2015's Fox's Fantastic Four was the worse movie in this year, and it probably was because of these mistakes:

1. Casting- The Fantastic Four cast wasn't successful, not even a bit! The actors weren't so much famous, it doesn't seem like a 'WOW' mistake, but after all, what the hell?

2. FOX- This year, FOX, totally showed that their out of budget. Who makes a famous superhero movie without budget? Nobody! I'm very glad Marvel got back the rights for Fantastic Four, thanks Kevin Feige!

3. Graphics- Wow, I wanted to puke when The Thing punched Reed (Mr. Fantastic). Does any superhero fan deserve this? You saw how The Thing looked like, this is bad, the strange bubble that Invisible Woman used to make Mr. Fantastic and The Thing fly, even worse!

4. Lack Of Fight Scenes- That's awesome! One fight scene for the whole movie! Except that punch from Thing's head towards Mr. Fantastic.

Last but not least! 5. Dr. Doom- Am I the only one who thought Doom looks like a garbage can?

That was all for today! What do you think about FOX's Fantastic Four? Share your thoughts in the comments!
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