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Most Disney movies create enchanting and entertaining worlds that have enthralled generations for almost a century (with the centennial celebration being in 2023). With older movies like Sword and the Stone, Cinderella, and more recent blockbusters like Frozen all focusing around unexplained magic, you can't help but wonder how they would manage in a different enchanting environment.

Artist Isaiah Stephens, famous for his collection of Disney Characters' Halloween Costumes, drew a series of scenes for answering the question, how would my favorite characters manage in J.K. Rowling's magical world?

The Mirror of Erised shows what Snow White is wishing for...

Who would have thought Snow White would have been a Slytherin? But it's no surprise what her one true desire would be - having her parents stand by her side as she pursues her magic career.

Flying Lessons for the Ravenclaws and Gryffindors

If there's one thing Aladdin is known for, it's for being "One Jump Ahead" of everyone else but apparently, he's out of his element while flying around on a broomstick. With his fellow Gryffindors (Mulan and Tarzan) and Ravenclaws (Milo and Jasmine), he still has a lot of training to do before he shows anyone "A Whole New World".

Beast was always more into Herbology than Potions

With Belle by his side, maybe Beast can manage to make his potion perform. Unfortunately for him, his fellow Slytherin, Megara, looks like she's lining up the perfect one liner to bring him down.

Where does Elsa belong?

Elsa has shown that she has potential for greatness and a mind ripe for learning, yet she also has a thirst for control. Where would she belong?

Naveen and Tiana in Transfiguration

Naveen has always had an issue with frogs, but you would think being a Ravenclaw would help in Transfiguration. Apparently, he still needs work on casting "Vera Verto", but Tiana will help him out.

See the full series, "If Disney Characters went to Hogwarts?" at

Which Disney Character would you like to see in the Wizarding World?


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