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If any of you watched Back To the Future Part II, you must be wondering what is up? We should have flying cars, hover boards, The Café 80’s, and houses with AI. All of this can be explained through what happened over the course of the three movies. Be careful for spoilers, if you haven’t seen these in the past 20 years. So why is the world so different today from what was promised on their trip of the future?

Basically, over the course of the three BTF films, they made several changes in the past that affected the course of the future. We saw this played out in the first film. Little fun fact, it was meant to be a standalone movie even though they had the TBC and the end. Marty gave his father a confidence boost and that ended up changing little things once he got back. McFly was Biff’s boss, they had a better house, and Marty had a better car. More changes like this happened later.

To in the movie, we hear Marty’s mother tell his daughter about how he got into the car crash with the Rolls Royce, and break his hand, and that caused him to give up on his music. Okay, that is how it was going in the beginning, then they have to jump around a little because of the books from the future. All of this had not happened yet in the future that Doc and Marty had visited. The experience that Marty gained on that trip to 1885, caused him to make different choices.

Doc said, “You can’t go losing your temper every time someone calls you a name.” So when Marty’s friend challenges him to a street race, Marty puts the car in reverse instead and ends up changing the future as seen by the change of the “You Are Fired” memo.

At that point, the future that we saw in BTF 2 did not exist. So, the reason that we do not have all of these technological advances is due to the fact that Marty did not broadside the Rolls Royce. What do you think of that?.

There it is, all the rational reasoning. I have never seen this just spelled out before, so let me know of what you think. It is one of the causal deals, that one change caused a ripple effect, and spread throughout the world, and somewhere these investors did not get their idea because of it.


Would you like to be living the future that Marty chanced by making better choices, or what we are living in today?


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