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The nostalgia that this movie brought to the screen really reminded me of how I never gave up on Jack Black and his talent to impress the audience when the story unfolded in an awkwardly funny scenario. Yet, before I go into my reasoning and opinion towards this film; How many of you moviepilot readers out there read or know the "Goosebumps'" series or even R.L Stine? Did you hide under the covers so "Slappy the ventriloquist dummy" wouldn't scare you? Or bit your friend on the shoulder so he wouldn't become "The Werewolf Of Fever Swamp?" It's alright, I'm simply kidding.....or am I?

But lets think about it: it's not everyday that your favorite monsters, mutants and maniacs from within your books simply appear off the pages and reek havoc your whole town. If so, then it's no wonder we read the stories online rather than opening the book; I know I wouldn't.

When it came down to it; "Goosebumps" is a well known children's horror and fantasy series that involved the main protagonist, such as Zach Cooper, to have just moved from a different place and wound up in a scary situation. This time though, a new book of goosebumps had emerged and the movie simply told the tale like the books did; which rang the bells of nostalgia.

Even though this film didn't give me "goosebumps" it was still a very interesting film to watch on a Sunday; especially if you're into the Goosebumps book series. Yet, it's a good question to ask you: "Could you survive the night of every one of your fears coming to life?".


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