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Catwoman is one of batman's first even villains. as Selina Kyle, her mother committed suicide and her father drank himself to death, leaving her alone. she called the police, but ran away before they came to live on the streets. that's when she first used her gymnastics skills to commit crime and help the poor ones while not murdering any person. weird, I know.

where IS the fun in that?
where IS the fun in that?

later, she constantly went off-on relationship with the dark knight, teaming up with him when she seems to fit while still getting what she wants.

so without further ado, lets dive to the facts!

1. she is the original

meow indeed
meow indeed

catwoman is actually one of the first female villains in the entire comic book universe when she first appeared in a actual cat-faced outfit in batman #1 spring 1940.

since than, she started to become popular through her love relationship with the bat, and her outfit changed as Selina lead the sexy revolution of super heroines.

2. cats are perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect!

Selina Kyle is actually the peak of human perfection for a woman her size, weight, sex, and environment. according to dc, Selina is actually the perfect person, but not only looks like it.

3. a good Catwoman movie was dismissed?

yes, you heard me right. according to the director of batman returns, Tim Burton, Michelle Pfeiffer was supposed to return as Catwoman to the next batman movie, and even get her OWN FILM. but they turned it down for this.

4. her relationship with the dark knight doesn't go TOO DARK

we all shipped the cat and thee bat once, which is in some sense ironic, but actually, Catwoman and batman only went in deep in one storyline. as we all know, batman's relationship with women is complicated, let him be.

5. fun facts time!


Catwoman has a child named Helena, was a former prostitute, her outfit was worn by two different women, and she died about 5 times!

so that is it ppl! sorry this was kinda short... but still hoped you like it even tho its shitty!


what lady should my next post be about?


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