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Box office giant, The Martian, proved that Matt Damon is still one of Hollywood's golden boys, but did it also prove Matt Damon is something else, or someone else? Is it possible that he could fit perfectly in an emerald suit while wielding a fear fighting, will powered ring? Let's take a look at 3 facts to as of why Damon could be our Hal Jordan!

He's A Survivor.

In the movie, Damon survived for almost a year by rationing food, growing potatoes, and using basically everything he can for survival. How he did it, I have no clue!

He had the motivation and will power to get through the situation was in, like a true Lantern!

He Loves To Joke.

During almost the entire movie, Damon's character, Mark Watney, was in a terribly horrifying situation, but did he let it get him down? No! He stayed positive, he cracked jokes, and he did whatever he could to keep his chin up.

He Never Stopped Trying. Even In The Face of Death.

There were multiple times where he could have died, but he kept going. He kept fighting. Even after being near explosions twice, he learned from his mistakes and never gave up. And Green Lanterns never give up!

But who knows, I could be completely wrong! I guess we'll never know!

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