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(Warning: Spoiler alerts from last nights episode of Agents of SHIELD. Proceed at your own discretion.)

What We Know

Lash is an Inhuman who was introduced in Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Episode 1 and has been causing Daisy Johnson (Chloe Bennet) and Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) a heap of trouble since then. Last night in Episode 4 we got the most information about him yet. We basically find out that he hunts down Inhumans and kills them-which is similar to what he does in the comics.

During the scene with Mack and Daisy on the transport truck, when they are taking Frye to the ATCU containment center, Lash breaks up the party and drags Frye out of the truck. Frye says "I only told them the truth. Th..that you're being merciful." "I'm not merciful, I'm necessary," responds Lash before killing him. Daisy then wakes up just in time to see Lash transform into a human. So this now means that we have an Inhuman butchering other Inhumans, who can blend into any crowd. This leads us to the point of this article....

Who, then, is Lash?

Well logically, Lash is someone we've seen on the show before. I have heard a few rumors and theories, but in my opinion, Lash is one of two characters.


Yes, if this is true, fans don't have to be disappointed about his unexpected death in last night's episode. There are a few reason as to how this theory could be true.

First, similar to George R. R. Martin and Game of Thrones, we never actually see Andrew die...and Werner Von Strucker does look absolutely spooked after running out of the convenience store. Andrew could have totally had time to change into Lash and kill Von Strucker's men, while giving Werner a chance to escape.

Second, Andrew seems to be kind of against the whole Inhuman thing in the first place, and he does have explicit access to SHIELD's Inhuman database, so thats how he could have given Frye the names. Andrew does also give the newcomer, Alisha, a very guilty look.

The most convincing piece of evidence for Andrew being Lash, in my opinion, is his conversation with May. She says he falls off the face of the Earth after their trip to Hawaii (the terrigen crystal affected the Pacific Ocean to my knowledge). He also tries to tell her that it is him, not her that is why he "ran away"-even though she doesn't believe it. However, this powerful piece of evidence, I think, proves more that he is AN Inhuman, rather than THE Inhuman (Lash).


My bet is on Rosalind's ATCU agent Banks.

This guy
This guy


When Coulson asked if Daisy and Mack could accompany the ATCU to their facility, Rosalind took a little sidebar with Agent Banks, who then slips suspiciously away. When they are in the truck and Daisy says, "It feels like we're driving in circles," Mack responds with something to the effect of, "we probably are so Agent Banks can clean up the facility." And then he says, "That, or he's prepping a cell for you." Daisy comes with, "It's his funeral." It then cuts to Lash jumping onto the truck and taking Frye, which I don't think is an accident.

Not to mention he is the person who Daisy contacts in the ATCU to inform them about the computer virus. He says all of the computers the ATCU collected from Inhumans had the virus, they just never knew about it. He's always been fishy to me, and it goes along with Daisy saying she thinks Lash works for the ATCU (which Coulson brushes off, and then it is dismissed in the show). Plus I think they could possibly look alike....but that might just be me.

Who do you think is Lash?

I personally think it is Banks, but it could totally be Andrew! Vote below and comment your opinions. Thanks for the read!


Who do you think is Lash?


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